‘Titanfall’ Beta Open to all Xbox One Users, PC to Follow

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After sitting through a few hours of server errors on Valentine’s Day, Xbox One and PC owners who had received a Titanfall beta code were able to spend late Friday night and all day Saturday unlocking Burn Cards and calling in Titans in across the beta’s multiple multiplayer matches. Unfortunately, gamers who did not receive a beta key had been stuck experiencing the game second-hand all weekend through hands-on previews.

In an attempt to bring more potential testers into the fold, Respawn decided to switch the Xbox One beta to open access just two days after it began. Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella announced the good news last night on Twitter.

Just ten minutes after Zampella’s tweet got gamers rushing to their consoles in anticipation, Respawn’s official Twitter account confirmed the plans.

As great as the news was for Xbox One owners, obviously PC gamers were hoping to receive the same shift over to open access. Zampella explained on Twitter that open access will be coming for PC gamers, but the company is testing things with Xbox One first and seeing how they go. Initially, Zampella said PC users could hopefully look forward to an open beta at some point today (Sunday), but there hasn’t been any official confirmation of that yet.

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Due to the extended server errors that beta testers experienced on the first day of access, players can all expect an additional day or two of extended access to the multiplayer mayhem. The beta was originally scheduled to shut down on February 19, but Zampella clarified that it will be extended an extra day or two as penance for initial server issues. Hopefully, the PC beta will open by the end of the day and those players will get four or five full days to stress test those servers.

Aside from the server errors on day one, the beta seems to be running pretty smoothly so far. Opening access to all users and pushing the server capacity  up to the ceiling is definitely a good sign that things are going well on the back end so far, as well.

Have you been putting in some Titanfall hours this weekend? If so, what do you think so far? Let us know in the comments.


Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the PC and Xbox One, followed by an Xbox 360 release on March 25th.

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