Titanfall Assault is Mobile RTS from Respawn Entertainment

titanfall assault

Fans of the Titanfall franchise who hope for something a little more tactical will be in luck soon, after Respawn Entertainment announced the development of a mobile RTS title named Titanfall Assault. The title is being created in conjunction with mobile publisher Nexon and developer Particle City, and is the next part of the plan to release multiple mobile Titanfall games.

According to Respawn, the game will boast "fluid" real-time strategy, with players needing to combine the use of Titan and Pilot units to try and defeat the enemy. The developer has dubbed the title a competitive multiplayer game, and has emphasised the PvP gameplay elements, although it's unclear if there will be any kind of single player gameplay alongside the multiplayer for this Titanfall spin-off.

Although both Respawn and Particle City are remaining quiet about exactly how the game will work, it seems to have some kind of use of card-based gameplay, bringing in the Burn Cards system that fans of the Titanfall series will no doubt find familiar. Meanwhile, the end goal of matches will apparently be to rise up the title's leaderboards, with rewards apparently available.

Although no release date is currently given for Titanfall Assault, Respawn does give potential players the option to sign up to pre-registration on its website, and any interested parties will then be notified once the game becomes available. For now, though, it seems as though the focus is on a closed beta, testing the game with a smaller number of players to try and iron out any problems with the game and improve the overall experience before launch.

Making sure that the game is fit for purpose is certainly a step that Respawn and Particle City will want to ensure, particularly after other failings in mobile gaming previously. At the beginning of this year, another mobile game called Titanfall Frontline was cancelled, with the free-to-play card game axed after being unable to deliver an experience that matched the original games. Hopefully more luck will be found when it comes to Titanfall Assault.

Creating a successful mobile title would certainly be a boon for Respawn as well. As many expected, Titanfall 2 did not hit sales expectations after it was released. Although EA has committed to the series long-term, any kind of huge success would no doubt help allay any fears that the Titanfall franchise may be put on the back burner by the publisher.

Titanfall Assault does not have a release date, but is currently available for pre-registration.

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