‘Titanfall’ Alpha Details Reveal Mech Perks and Early Gameplay Footage

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Over this past weekend groups of gamers were treated to a special alpha test of Respawn Entertainment‘s forthcoming shooter Titanfall. Each alpha participant was sworn to secrecy (a.k.a. they signed a non-disclosure agreement) and in return they were treated to a first-hand look at one of this year’s most highly anticipated games.

However, although these gamers entered into a contract with EA and Respawn, a contract that said they would not share any footage of the Titanfall alpha in action, some have decided not to abide by that deal. Instead, a flurry of videos has appeared online, much quicker than Respawn has been able to take them down. Those who are curious to see the footage in action can head here – provided the videos have not been removed.

But, with the bad typically comes some good, and that is also the case here. Several new details from Titanfall‘s alpha test have made their way online, and provided some much-needed clarity as far as the game’s general set-up goes.

First things first; Respawn wants to stress that the alpha test features reduced resolution textures, and is not indicative of the final product. In fact, the textures in the alpha test are reduced by about 25%. So, a 256×256 texture in the alpha test is actually a 512×512 texture in the retail version of Titanfall. Respawn felt it important to clear that matter up since, as we mentioned, footage is all over the Net, and many are asking questions about the game’s visual quality.

Titanfall Player Count AI Infantry

As far as actual Titanfall gameplay is concerned, the alpha has revealed a few new details about the game. Although most assumed there would be some loadout configuration in the game, Respawn had yet to outline any specifics. What we know from the alpha test, however, is that both pilot and Titan loadouts are customizable.

We don’t have too many specifics, but OXM has word that Titans can be equipped with various perks that provide a strategic advantage in battle. Among them are Regen Booster, which recharges the mech’s shield faster than normal; Auto Eject, which forces the pilot from the Titan before the mech explodes (normally, if the pilot failed to eject they would die); Survivor, which decreases damage taken when a Titan is “doomed”; and Nuclear Ejection, which makes the Titan deal explosive damage when the pilot ejects.

Ultimately, these perks sound very familiar to those available in Modern Warfare, the title that many of the Respawn devs worked on before forming their own studio. If you’ve seen any of the Titanfall gameplay videos you know that the game draws inspiration from Call of Duty, but it also charts its own path with frenetic mech vs. human combat.

What do you think of the Titanfall alpha gameplay footage? What gets you excited? What doesn’t?

Titanfall releases March 11 2014 for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7, OXM