‘Titanfall’ Alpha Invites Sent Out to Some Xbox One Users

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Gamers are less than two months away from getting their hands on the first ever title from the recently formed Respawn Entertainment, and with that inevitability spawns a sense of heavy desire to play the actual game. The software in question, Titanfall, is being heralded by critics as the first legitimate step into the next generation of gaming, and it’s not hard to see why after a watching a few minutes of gameplay featured so prominently in the game’s trailers — not to mention the accolades it’s managed to gather pre-release.

While the weeks that separate consumers from the finished product may feel heart-wrenchingly slow in the eyes of fans, Respawn and EA have begun sending out invites to select Xbox One owners with the aim of granting gamers early access to an upcoming Titanfall alpha. The alpha trial, while not the open-beta many had hoped for, will permit access to a select few gamers as a means of testing out the servers.

According to Respawn’s official Twitter account, invites for the Titanfall alpha have been sent out randomly to fans that reside in North America and have both an Xbox One console and an Origin account. Anyone who is contacted via email, however, isn’t guaranteed access to the test — and anyone who simply follows the link to apply for the alpha without receiving the invitation has absolutely no chance of being granted entry — but EA will be sending follow-up emails to a select few at some point in the following weeks that’ll include a code to download Titanfall‘s “limited technical test.”

Word on the alpha reaching areas outside of North America (like the entirety of Europe) is still missing in action, although Respawn may wish to offer a full blown beta to fans shortly after this server test comes to a conclusion. That is just speculation, but it would make sense to start getting the servers set up for the eventual onslaught of players that would be willing to participate in an open-beta.

Did you receive an invite to participate in Titanfall‘s alpha? Do you think Respawn will launch a public beta before launch?


Titanfall is scheduled to launch on March 11, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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Source: OXM & Respawn