The pre-E3 rumor mill is in full swing now as everyone does their best to divine what gamers will get to see at the show. Pre-E3 teases for Death Stranding and Kingdom Hearts 3 have already got gamers hyped for what’s coming, so it’s not surprising that misunderstandings have started cropping up. Such is the case with Respawn Entertainment and Titanfall 3.

While a new Titanfall game was confirmed to be in the works when EA bought Respawn Entertainment last November, it hasn’t yet been confirmed whether or not that game is Titanfall 3. The series’ fan base is understandably eager for something to get excited about, which is why a short gif tweeted out by one of the artists involved with Titanfall 2 could be mistaken for an official tease.

Moy Parra is an animator who runs a YouTube channel called “TitanToons.” He was also a part of Titanfall 2’s animation team during its development and the development of its post-release DLC. Yesterday, Parra sent out a GIF image in the above tweet. Given its mysterious nature and his prior involvement with the game, many fans speculated that it was some sort of a tease for Titanfall 3.  This is incorrect. Late last night, Respawn Entertainment resoundingly squashed the rumor and confirmed that Parra’s tweet is just in reference to their channel and was unrelated to anything currently in production.

While there is always the chance that Respawn is indeed going to have some sort of tease for E3, for now it looks like its planning nothing of the sort. Respawn Entertainment, even though it’s been very active in its efforts to engage with its fans, has been fairly quiet in regard to its next project. After Titanfall 2 failed to sell as well as Respawn had hoped, perhaps its doing its best to keep a lid on its next game until it’s in a state that will give both fans and non-fans alike something to really get excited about. Maybe it will be in that state by E3, and maybe it won’t. Gamers will only know for sure once the big show gets underway next month.