Today, Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment has decided to name and reveal the contents of the first-person shooter’s next update called “The War Games,” which launches next week on June 27, 2017. While fans should expect the forthcoming patch to include bug, glitch, and performance fixes, the primary materials being brought into the title are a couple of maps and the ability to carry around three weapons as a Pilot.

The first of the maps to be included in Titanfall 2‘s The War Games update is appropriately named “War Games,” and appears to be a revival of the DLC map from the original game. As Respawn Entertainment explains it and seen in the image directly below, the War Games map is meant to be a simulation of a city, yet by featuring brightly colored walls and barriers it resembles an actual futuristic environment for players to pull off some elegant wall-running maneuvers.


The second map can be seen directly above and it’s set for availability in Titanfall 2 next week through The War Games update for Live Fire mode, with it being named Traffic. Respawn Entertainment officially describes the area as “a weathered test site where Pilot positioning is pitted against mobility across two busy thoroughfares.” Players should expect to remain on their toes, as “dense cover makes every corner a threat” with the developer having put in enough “room for snipers to hide in the back fields.”

Although the two maps are definitely additions that will please Titanfall 2 fans, one could argue that the incorporation of a third weapon slot for Pilots will be one of the most exciting features coming in The War Games update. Once the patch is applied after its release next week, Pilots will be able to carry around a primary, secondary, and an anti-Titan weapon while on-foot.

On top of all this, Respawn Entertainment will also add a new Pilot Execution called Shadow Boxing in Titanfall 2‘s The War Games update. In order to unlock it, players will need to kill 20 Pilots with a holopilot ability active. Not to mention, Titan Brawl is being added as a permanent mode, while Free Agents will become the new featured mode, with the former getting a small change, as the game will now display Titan damage instead of assists. Fans should expect full patch notes for The War Games update next week when the patch comes out on June 27, 2017.

Titanfall 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Respawn Entertainment