EA teases the full reveal of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 in the coming months, hinting towards an announcement during June. Expect more story and swords than ever.

It’s mid-April, which means that it’s prime season for pre-E3 teasers and general hype building. E3 may be two months away, but no publisher wants to wait until the last second and risk being overwhelmed by other projects. As it turns out, EA is at the head of the pack this year, and has today released a teaser for Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2. Everyone’s favorite wall-running, mech-piloting shooter is back, and it will be just a little while longer before EA is willing to share more information.

Today’s Titanfall 2 teaser comes in the form of a short video, but it’s thankfully more than just 30 seconds of text and ominous voiceover. Respawn graced fans with a bit of cinematic beauty, managing to reveal much more than just a title in the 44 second tease. At the heart of the video, however, is the promise of a reveal of Titanfall 2 at E3, with the official reveal of the game set to land on June 12 at the EA Play keynote, which starts at 1:00PM PST.

The secondary announcement in the teaser trailer is largely already known, but to have official confirmation is certainly a relief. Titanfall 2 is officially coming to PC, Xbox One, and – now joining the party – PS4. Respawn had talked about bringing the franchise to PlayStation after the first game, but the gaming community knows it’s only official when official. Titanfall, of course, was solely on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Now to the more fun aspects of the trailer. Titanfall players will immediately focus in on the giant sword which the mech wields in the teaser trailer. Piloting a sword-wielding Atlas is perhaps the most exciting potential feature of Titanfall 2; in fact, some may argue that no other features are needed at all. The trailer seems to be setting up the mech to kneel down for the pilot to enter the cockpit, stabbing the sword into the ground for the process. Sadly there’s no actual sword combat shown – but that’s why they call it a teaser, right?

It may be a long stretch, but the teaser may also have implied the addition of story in Titanfall 2 in a very on-the-nose fashion. The opening dialogue in the teaser trailer, “so you want to be the hero,” is perhaps telling the audience that Respawn has heard its community’s request loud and clear. After all, another multiplayer-only title would have no need of protagonists. However, the original Titanfall did have a bit of storytelling between the multiplayer gaps, so perhaps that’s all that Respawn is teasing here.

Speculation aside, if there had to be an E3 reveal teased two months early, then you could do worse than Titanfall 2 – certainly when the cinematic trailer is as sweet as this. It’s going to be a long wait from now until June 12. Hopefully, everyone avoids growing weary of the hype before E3 arrives.

Titanfall 2 is expected to release in 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Expect a full reveal during EA’s E3 keynote on June 12 at 1:00PM PST.