Titanfall 2 Trailer Finally Reveals All Six Titan Classes

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Respawn Entertainment releases a new trailer for Titanfall 2 revealing all six of the new Titan classes players can pick from in the various multiplayer modes.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for Titanfall 2 as the first person shooter just wrapped up its second weekend of pre-alpha multiplayer testing. Players were able to go hands on with a few of the multiplayer modes and got to play with a small sample of what the full edition will launch with including a larger roster of titans. While Respawn Entertainment has been fairly secretive about the other titans that players will be able to use once the full game launches, a new trailer and details have finally revealed the entire roster.

While players are already familiar with two of the six confirmed titan classes within Titanfall 2 thanks to the pre-alpha tests, the new trailer not only names each of the new titans, but also fans get a great look at what each new class brings to the table. The six confirmed classes are Legion, Ronin, Ion, Scorch, Tone, and Northstar, with each specializing in a specific type of combat ranging from zone control, tanking, or speed.


Legion is a defensive titan, wielding a massive chain-gun capable of switching ammunition from close range rounds that cause knock back to longer range shells dealing high damage. The ordinance on this big guy also behaves the same way, firing a missile that causes knock back on close range hits, or additional damage from range. Once its core ability has powered up, players can activate Smart Core, which essentially allows Legion to automatically lock on to nearby targets.

While Ronin was already confirmed in a E3 2016 trailer, Respawn describes the quick and nimble titan as a hit and run specialist even though it may not be as durable as the others. Its most distinctive feature however is its long sword, which can be used with boosted melee attacks once its core ability has charged. In addition, Ronin is capable of blocking attacks using its defensive sword ability, slowing enemies by using its arc wave ability and then closing the gap with phase dash.

Players should already be familiar with Ion and Scorch as both were heavily featured in each pre-alpha test. Ion brings its splitter energy rifle to the fight along side laser based power attacks, while Scorch and its thermite launcher rely heavily on fire to gain an advantage with zone control.

titanfall 2 tone titan

Northstar is fairly unique among the already diverse roster, as this sniper titan is capable of using vertical take off and flight core abilities in order to rain down rockets. Not only that, the titan can lay down defensive traps, while picking off enemies with its plasma railgun.

Finally, the last titan known as Tone is the explosives expert of the group, using a tracker cannon to fire rockets at enemies once locked on. In addition to the particle wall ability, this titan is capable of using a sonar pulse to automatically lock on to nearby targets automatically making the rocket salvo core ability even more deadly.

In addition to these titan reveals, Respawn has also confirmed that the first post-launch content for the game will be Angel City, a popular map from the first game. Players who pre-order Titanfall 2 will gain access to the map three days early, which will then open up to everyone to download as all future DLC for the game will be free for all players.

Which titan are you looking forward to playing as the most? Sound off in the comments below.

Titanfall 2 touches down on October 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Titanfall YouTube Channel

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