Titanfall 2 Gets Riveting New Single Player Trailer

Titanfall 2 Single Player Trailer - Jack and BT-7274

Respawn Entertainment is releasing a Titanfall 2 single player trailer titled 'Jack and BT-7274', which focuses on the relationship between the two protagonists.

Respawn Entertainment is pushing the single player of Titanfall 2 quite heavily with trailers, previews and deeper looks into the development of different aspects of the campaign. At the core of this single-player focus is a certain pairing. No, it's not the Frontier's Militia vs. the IMC, it's protagonist Jack Cooper and the soon-to-be-his Titan BT-7274. Today's trailer for the upcoming shooter continues that trend, aptly titled "Jack and BT-7274."

Surprisingly this Jack and BT-7274 trailer is less of an introspective look at the pair as previous trailers. It only lightly covers situations previous trailers have gone into in more detail, like how Jack and BT-7274 end up paired together. Instead the trailer focuses heavily on the action and battle that the two protagonists find themselves in throughout the campaign. Building comradery through shared adversity, much like what was built between Cortana and Master Chief, is perhaps the goal here.

Another outcome for the trailer is that prospective Titanfall 2 players get a look at the sheer variety – and personality – of the titans in-game. Also, the trailer shows how well BT-7274 stands out in the crowd. This is intentional, of course, as Art Director Joel Emslie explained to The Verge:

"It was very important to ensure that even if you put BT up against a frosted glass window and could just see his silhouette like a shadow puppet, that his silhouette had to completely stand out against all of the other titans. That way when you’re in a really bad situation as a player and you’re not with him, you can easily tell where he is and find him in a crowd."

Let's hope players feel the same way about BT-7274 as the developers would like them to come Titanfall 2's launch.


In addition to the partnership between Jack and his Titan in this latest trailer, a lot of time is spent showing off new locations and characters. Nothing specific was highlighted in the trailer, but plenty of quick looks were spared throughout. One character in particular was highlighted outside of the trailer, however. Those paying attention may have noticed a certain masked character that looked somewhat robotic. Her name is Ash and she likely has a much larger role in the game than first meets the eye.

Here's the brief bio that Respawn has provided for Ash via social media:

"Ash is a simulacrum rebuilt by Vinson Dynamics after the destruction of the Automated Testing Facility on Typhon. Seeks to discover the secrets of her past, and believes the answers lie in the data banks of the Remnant Fleet. Last Known Location: Boomtown"

Considering the story of the original Titanfall was very simple, focusing entirely on the conflict between the Militia and the IMC in order to provide a framework for the multiplayer, Titanfall 2 is exploring entirely new territory. There are AI constructs with complicated backgrounds, planet-destroying weaponry, and a protagonist who will come into their own to defeat the forces of evil.

Titanfall 2 is on track to launch October 28, 2016 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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