E3 2016: Titanfall 2 Offline Single Player Campaign Trailer and Release Date Leaked


EA's reveal trailer for Titanfall 2's offline single-player mode leaks a few hours before the company's presentation and reveals the game's main character and release date.

The Electronic Arts presentation is only a few short hours away, but a major announcement from the show already leaked. It's no surprise that Titanfall 2 will take the stage during EA's off-site presentation and leaked footage of the pre-recorded show offers the first look at the upcoming game's offline single-player campaign.

The lack of a single-player campaign was one of the major problems with the original Titanfall. The game launched with a ton of hype, but there simply wasn't enough content in the always online experience to keep gamer's invested in the world. There was a very thin online story mode, but the narrative was barely comprehensible and even gamers who loved the multiplayer didn't enjoy the mode very much. Respawn hopes to right that wrong the second time around with a full single-player campaign that launches with Titanfall 2 on October 28, 2016.

EA realized that the footage had leaked and decided to release the trailer early, rather than battling the hundreds of uploads appearing on YouTube. Here's an early peak at the full trailer for Titanfall 2's campaign mode...


It sounds like the rumors of an October release were correct. The game will launch on October 28 near the beginning of the holiday shopping season. That will likely put it in direct competition with some of the other biggest games of the year, so EA must have a lot of faith in the sequel.

Although there is definitely some corny dialogue, the general premise seems very interesting and should help flesh out the world of mechs and soldiers. The campaign will focus on the bond between soldier and titan, as rifleman Chad Cooper is forced to take over a mech when the original pilot dies in action. We don't hear much from the rifleman, who seems to be the player character, but there is plenty of chatter between the titan AI and someone back at base.

The campaign looks like it retains the wall-running and fast-paced action of the original game's multiplayer, but also introduces some new monstrous enemies that will need to be defeated. World-building should really help develop Titanfall into a reliable franchise and help give the player base a reason to stick around. A strong story that is well-received will also give Respawn and EA the chance to release a season pass with more than just new maps and weapons to unlock. Giving the less competitive players a reason to return to the game in the month's after its release with new, exciting stories seems like a no-brainer.

Will you pick up Titanfall 2 and check out the single-player campaign mode? Let us know in the comments.

Titanfall 2 releases October 28 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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