While commenting on the lower than expected sales figures for Titanfall 2, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen reaffirms that the company is taking a long term view for the title.

It’s been a tough road for Titanfall 2 since launching late in October. While the game has been highly praised by both critics and fans alike for delivering on the promise of entertaining multiplayer and a memorable single player campaign, the sales figures have been underwhelming. EA has yet to confirm how many copies the game has sold but things don’t appear to be going well as research firms are indicating that sales will be substantially disappointing. Regardless, EA is not giving up hope and is playing the long game and isn’t worried about short term sales figures.

Speaking to a UBS conference in San Francisco, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen commented on the disappointing sales figures for Titanfall 2 saying that the company is taking a long term view for Titanfall 2 so the day one and week one sales figures are not that important to them. EA continues to be confident in the game continuing to build a fanbase over time adding that everyone who has played the title, loves it.


Part of the plan to continue player engagement is through free digital downloadable content such as new maps and game modes. While no additional details were provided, Jorgensen confirmed that Respawn Entertainment is set to deliver as substantial amount of digital content going into next year.

We remind people we’re building a franchise with Titanfall, so it’s not about the first day of sales or the first week of sales, it’s about the long run.

Unlike the first game which originally featured a season pass, Respawn has confirmed that all post-launch content for Titanfall 2 will be available to all players for free. The first wave of content is set to arrive sometime in December starting with a remastered version of the fan favorite Angel City map from the first game. Though no details or screenshots have been provided for the map, players who originally pre-ordered the game will get access to the map three days earlier than the rest of the community.

Even though Titanfall 2 improves upon the formula established by the first game by giving players more content, more customization options, more modes, and a fully fleshed out single player experience, the sales have unfortunately not followed suit. The biggest reason for this may be the fact that the game launched between two shooter franchise giants in Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. EA has continuously defended its decision to launch Titanfall 2 during such a high profile release period, and even though sales appear to be much slower than expected, the company reaffirms its commitment to the brand as a whole.

Titanfall 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Gamespot