Titanfall 2 Review Roundup: Does It Mech the Grade?


Early reviews roll in for Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter Titanfall 2, helping to answer the question of whether the sequel is better than the original.

Since Titanfall 2's release date is now closer than ever before, with the game coming out at the end of this week, a lot of critics have been busy playing their way through Respawn Entertainment's forthcoming title. With that being the case, a number of outlets have already gone ahead and given Titanfall 2 review scores, and for the most part, they are heaping on plenty of praise for the shooter.

Unlike the original entry in the franchise, Titanfall 2 will be branching out across multiple platforms to give PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One fans a taste of its mech-based action. As it happens, the first installment in the series with Titanfall had been sold as an Xbox One exclusive, which is something that Respawn Entertainment's developers — specifically the company's COO Dusty Welch and art director Joel Emslie — explained was "out of their hands."

Another difference that Titanfall 2 fans will notice from the initial game in the series is Respawn Entertainment's incorporation of a completely offline single-player campaign experience, as well as the addition of numerous multiplayer modes. Not to mention, the developers have tinkered with the gameplay a touch by adding fresh gadgets such as the grappling hook that will help players traverse across areas much more quickly and seamlessly than ever before.

Of course, the question still remains: Does Titanfall 2's finished product live up to the hype? Read on to get the answer from the critics.


Game Informer (Javy Gwaltney)

In an era where it feels like the majority of shooters either have single-player or multiplayer tacked on, Titanfall 2 is the full package. The top-tier campaign has nearly perfect pacing, and the subtle revisions and additions to the multiplayer make it better than ever. For first-person shooter fans, Titanfall 2 is a must play.

Score: 9.5/10

God is a Geek (Nicola Ardon)

Titanfall 2 stands out as an example of how there is still plenty of room for innovation and newness in a crowded genre space. It's superbly executed and incredibly fun to play.

Score: 9.5/10

GameSpot (Mike Mahardy)

Titanfall 2 demonstrates a vitality that its predecessor couldn't. Whereas the first Titanfall kept up its breakneck pace throughout the entirety of every match, Titanfall 2 understands that sometimes, dialing things back for a few moments can make the long run much more enjoyable. In many ways, Titanfall 2 feels like the game Respawn should have made in 2013. It's a fantastic sequel. It's a fluid shooter. It's a spectacular game.

Score: 9/10


Polygon (Arthur Gies)

Consistency is a problem for Titanfall 2 in general, and it's a game that seems to struggle with a confident direction for its changes. The end result is a collection of fantastic mechanics across its campaign and its multiplayer that often feel hamstrung by difficult to understand design choices.

Score: 7/10 (Provisional)

GamesRadar (David Houghton)

Intelligent, creative, and never less than thrilling, Titanfall 2 finally realises the series' true potential with verve and polish.

Titanfall 2 Single Player Trailer - Jack and BT-7274

USGamer (Jaz Rignall)

Although it's a little on the short side, and its production values are a bit old school, Titanfall 2's single-player campaign is a really enjoyable experience while it lasts. It's very inventive and fun, and a great warm-up for the game's excellent multiplayer component, whose gunplay and controls are absolutely outstanding. All it needs is a few more maps and modes.

Score: 8/10

Digital Spy (Stuart Andrews)

This isn't just a worthy sequel to Titanfall, but one that improves upon the original while adding a superb single-player campaign. The latter combines fast-paced action, pilot acrobatics, heavyweight Titan warfare and a surprising amount of heart in one of the most enjoyable solo storylines of the year...It's a masterful piece of work.

Score: 9/10

Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer

For those unaware, the first Titanfall's early reviews were strong, so it may not come as a surprise to fans that the follow-up is getting such good scores. Beyond critical reception, though, Titanfall 2 offers players the choice of six different Titans in multiplayer, with each having has access to a certain set of abilities that are unique from others. Truthfully, the Titans can be considered as being more like classes now, with the most agile being Northstar and the sword-based Ronin, and the bruisers being Scorch and Legion.

Plus, Respawn Entertainment will be bringing back one of the fan-favorite modes from the original with Attrition making a return. The mode was missing from Titanfall 2's recent beta, but long-time players should be happy to know that it will definitely be available on the game's day one launch later in the week.

Perhaps one of the most popular decisions on Respawn Entertainment's part, though, is its decision to give fans all of Titanfall 2's post-launch content at no additional cost, meaning that the free DLC will extend to maps and modes. The studio explained its reasoning behind doing so, in that it didn't want to "split the community." Nevertheless, it's important to note that any ancillary materials that don't affect gameplay like skins and other cosmetic items will come at a price.

Titanfall 2 is set to launch on October 28, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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