Titanfall 2 Guide: Where to Find All Pilot Helmet Collectibles


Follow this helpful Titanfall 2 guide and find every pilot helmet in Respawn Entertainment's new shooter, along with unlocking the 'Every Nook and Cranny' achievement.

Although the grand appeal of Titanfall 2 is jumping into a hulking Titan and laying waste to multiplayer combatants on the battlefield, the game is not without the usual considerations. While the first game did not have a true single player campaign, Titanfall 2 has added one in. And make no mistake this is a real campaign, complete with a story, boss fights, and even collectibles.

Speaking of those collectibles, Titanfall 2’s single player campaign hides a total of 46 pilot helmets for players to collect. These glowing “orbs” will not unlock anything special if players collect all of them in-game, but doing so will earn players an achievement/ trophy called ‘Every Nook and Cranny’.

For the most part the pilot helmets stand out while travelling through the campaign, but the paths toward collecting them isn’t always so obvious. To assist with that, the folks at PowerPyx have put together a helpful video guide breaking down each pilot helmet location and how to grab each one.

Check out the Titanfall 2 pilot helmet guide video below:


While some might be hoping that collecting all of the Titanfall 2 pilot helmets unlocks something cool in the online multiplayer, unfortunately no such benefit has been found. However, if players want to test out the wall running and double jumping before heading out into the fast-paced multiplayer battlegrounds, some of these pilot helmets offer a fun challenge to collect.

On top of that, if there are any Titanfall uber fans out there that want to own their very own pilot helmet, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have just the thing. A light up replica of the Titanfall 2 pilot helmet is included with the Vanguard Collector’s Edition of the game, but at $249 it’s quite pricey. The good news is that unlike most helmets and collectible video game masks, this Titanfall 2 pilot helmet is fully wearable, which has its own appeals.

In terms of its long-term success, it’s unclear how well Titanfall 2 will fare against the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield 1. EA put the Respawn devs in a tough position by releasing their game in such a crowded window, but the studio’s hope is that the uniqueness of Titanfall, its expansion to the PlayStation platform, and the new campaign will help generate enough interest.

Titanfall 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PowerPyx

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