Respawn Capping Titanfall 2 Frames on PC at 144

Titanfall 2 PC FPS Cap

Respawn Entertainment holds a Q&A regarding the PC release of Titanfall 2 and reveals that a potential cap of 144 FPS on the PC version is being discussed.

Frame rates in general are a hot topic among game players, whether it's console players and the struggle to achieve 60 FPS over the past few years, or regarding any sort of FPS cap on PC at all. The issue is especially pressing regarding Titanfall 2, because the original title struggled up to only 57 FPS by limiting itself to 792p on Xbox One and capped PC users at 60 FPS due to graphical issues. With Titanfall 2, Respawn has promised to deliver a better experience across all platforms -- and appears to be delivering, though the game will be nonetheless capped.

In a Q&A regarding Titanfall 2's PC release, Respawn confirmed that the game would have a PC cap of 144 frames per second. Although it's still a limit, 144 FPS should be enough frames to match virtually all PC game players' monitor refresh rates. For those who aren't satisfied, Respawn also mentioned it was working on stretching the cap a bit further, but mentioned that there'd still be a cap due to certain technical issues. While most PCs will never reach 144 FPS, or might even struggle with 60, what matters is the opportunity.

On the console side of things, Respawn also seems to be on-track to deliver on their initial goals and promises. The original plan for Titanfall 2 from Respawn was to provide 60 FPS in both single player and multiplayer. Whether or not it's delivered on that goal will be truly determined when the final game launches, but Respawn did host a Titanfall 2 alpha recently. In that alpha, early analysis did indeed show that the game was running at 60 FPS, but that certain visual effects created frame drops. Respawn responded that those issues will certainly be ironed out by launch.

As has previously been stated, and as is only reasonable given the technical differences between the platforms, Titanfall 2 will not be cross-platform. This was reiterated in the same PC-focused Q&A done recently. Producer Drew McCoy noted that as "awesome" as cross-play would be, it's simply not possible at this time. He added that Titanfall 2 will be released on Origin, perhaps implying that the storefront isn't capable of handling cross-platform multiplayer.

While prospective Titanfall 2 players on PC may not have been able to experience the game firsthand like console players did during the beta, Respawn has done an admirable job of communicating with the PC audience. Titanfall 2's PC specifications were released recently, showing that the game would demand moderate PC technology and make the most of hardcore PC specifications. Today's Q&A is just more evidence that Titanfall 2 on PC will not be an afterthought.

Titanfall 2 is currently on schedule to launch on October 28 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

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