Titanfall 2 Patch Nerfs Map Hack, Rebalances Some Titan Classes

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Patch

Respawn Entertainment announces a new patch for Titanfall 2 which makes several balancing adjustments to multiplayer, as well as a big change to the Map Hack skill.

Titanfall 2 drops players into a fast-paced battlefield with pilots running parkour-style across the landscape and Titans engaging in brutal combat via high power ordinance. Respawn Entertainnment's Titanfall 2 earned itself a high review score for its ability to keep combat consistently both entertaining and satisfying, and that's exactly how Respawn Entertainment hopes to make the multiplayer continue to feel thanks to a brand new patch for the game's numerous multiplayer modes.

One of the most common requests that came from players delving into the multiplayer side of Titanfall 2 was a fix for the Map Hack skill, which revealed enemy locations for a set amount of time. Many players felt this was overpowered, and evidently so did Respawn Entertainment: the new patch changes Map Hack so that it only pulses player locations, rather than constantly emitting their locations on the map. This forces enemy pilots to stay on their feet and rely on the skill's map location, making things a little easier for the opposing team.

Here's the full list of changes that the new Titanfall 2 patch brings to the table:

  • Map Hack: Rebalanced Map Hack so that player locations will now pulse instead of always on. We'll continue to look into this boost and will modify it further if it continues to cause frustration.
  • Rebalanced Legion Titan
  • Rebalanced Tone Titan
  • Anti-Titan and Grenadier weapons once again restore ammo when embarking into your Titan.
  • Rebalanced Amped LMGs.
  • Last Titan Standing: Fixed an issue with bad start spawns on Exoplanet. Fixed an issue that was causing round 1 to start while people were still connecting.
  • Menus: Fixed an issue with camos that would result in players not being able to clear the "NEW" message.
  • Players can now play Private Match Solo!

Respawn Entertainment's own Jayfresh, who acts as the community manager for the title, also stated that the studio didn't want to give the exact numbers behind the patch's new Titan rebalancing so that players would go into the game and feel it out for themselves. While it would have been nice to have some concrete numbers, the studio likely wants to keep the amount of active multiplayer pilots as high as possible, especially considering that sales for Titanfall 2 have been underwhelming so far.

Balancing tweeks and bug fixes aside, the addition of a Private Match Solo option should have been there at launch, so fixing its initial omission will keep many gamers who enjoyed playing privately happy. Many players have already mastered the speed gauntlet and found all of the pilot helmets, so as good as the single player campaign was, Respawn Entertainment will now be relying on the game's multiplayer component to keep gamers coming back for the long term.

Are you still joining in on the multiplayer Titanfall 2 action, Ranters?

Titanfall 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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