Several leaks claim that Respawn Entertainment’s forthcoming shooter Titanfall 2 gets an October release date, and contains a grappling hook for use in-game.

If the Reddit user known as “ilovegoogleglass” is to be trusted, then one of the 10 most anticipated games at E3 2016, Titanfall 2, now has a release window. While posting on the popular shooter’s main subreddit, ilovegoogleglass listed that the game is scheduled to drop sometime in October of this year, and will also have a grappling hook to be used by players to get into their Titans, free-run, and enact tactical moves such as pulling enemies out of the air.

Furthermore, the Redditor proclaims that those who pre-order Titanfall 2 are set to receive the bonus of a handgun called the Violator. The leak also goes on to address the game’s multiplayer maps, which are reportedly much bigger than the first entry’s so as to accommodate a potential increase in the amount of fans able to take part in the mode.

Not only did ilovegoogleglass drop a knowledge bomb about Titanfall 2‘s October release window and all of the other aforementioned details, but the user also posted what is the upcoming title’s prospective box art. Apparently, Respawn Entertainment is planning on using the left side of the image seen below as the game’s cover.


If the still above is indeed legitimate, then it confirms previous speculation of Titanfall 2 having wall-running Titans. However, since ilovegoogleglass never authenticated his or her source on the game’s official Reddit thread, it can’t be officially stated that the feature will definitely be included in the final release. That said, though, if it is truly an in-game component, there’s a high likelihood of EA showing it off at E3 2016.

Interestingly enough, ilovegoogleglass’ information dump for Titanfall 2 builds on a previous release date leak indicating that the game is set to drop in 2016. As previously intimated, though, since neither Electronic Arts nor Respawn Entertainment have corroborated these details, it’s best for fans to take this leak with a grain of salt.

Whatever the case may be concerning Titanfall 2‘s release date and gameplay elements, ever since the shooter’s reveal trailer came out about a month ago, it’s obvious that gaming fans are practically frothing at the mouth for nearly any morsel of news related to the title. Nevertheless, the official website for the game has posted that¬†Titanfall 2¬†will receive a worldwide reveal on June 12, so while it is possible for developers to trickle out additional specifics between now and then, the safest bet is that we will see more once E3 2016 begins next month.

If the rumor is to be believed, then Titanfall 2 is set to release sometime in October for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit