‘Titanfall 2’ Won’t Be At E3 This Year

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Titanfall Blackwater Map

Titanfall held immense pressure on its shoulders prior to release last year, as it was coming from a brand new studio, a new IP set in the crowded first-person shooter genre, and was Microsoft’s show piece for its brand new Xbox One console. Even with all that pressure, Titanfall proved to be a mediocre success for the Xbox brand and Respawn Entertainment alike with the game selling decently.

With the game well over a year old now, gamers have begun to wonder what Respawn Entertainment is planning going forward. Fans hoping to get a glimpse at the future of Titanfall at this year’s E3, however, may be a little disappointed with the recent news.

Looking to settle all rumors and speculation, Respawn Entertainment’s CEO, Vince Zampella, confirmed over Twitter that fans won’t be seeing anything from the studio, Titanfall 2 or otherwise, during E3 2015.

While an official reveal or trailer has yet to happen, Respawn has been extremely vocal in announcing that Titanfall 2 will be multi-platform this time around, coming to the PlayStation 4 as well as the PC and Xbox One. Platform exclusivity was one piece of feedback Respawn heard a lot about as some fans felt disappointed by the decision to not bring the title to Sony’s consoles as well.

Considering that Titanfall 2 was only just recently revealed a few months ago, it shouldn’t be too surprising that a smaller development studio such as Respawn Entertainment, won’t have anything ready for public consumption just yet. Much of what we know currently has been through interviews or through speculation and all signs point to the game being at a very early point in development.

While the first Titanfall proved to be a solid and enjoyable shooter, many fans lamented at the lack of content such as a single-player campaign in favor of a pure online experience. While the core game received multiple updates and patches that helped the content situation, including recently making all DLC free for all, a dedicated campaign was unfortunately never in the cards for the title. Hearing all of the feedback from both critics and players, fans may finally be getting their wish for a dedicated single player mode in the sequel – but only time will tell.

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Titanfall 2 is currently in development with a rough 2017 release window.

Source: Twitter