Respawn Entertainment designer Mohammad Alavi shrugs off suggestions that Titanfall 2 could appear on the Nintendo Switch, stating that the game would not fit on the console.

It felt like a long time coming, but video game fans have finally been able to get some finite details on the Nintendo Switch. After a Nintendo Direct event specifically focused on the new console, gamers were able to learn exactly what Nintendo has been planning, as well as details such as the hybrid console’s memory and screen resolution. Nintendo also confirmed a number of games for the console – but it turns out that Titanfall 2 is unlikely to be receiving a Switch port any time soon.

This comes straight from Titanfall 2 senior designer Mohammad Alavi, who discussed Nintendo’s new console on an episode of Drunk Tech Review. Alavi appeared on the episode and was more than a little vocal about the chances of the mech-based shooter appearing on the Nintendo console, explaining that he feels the Switch is unlikely to get much by way of third party support due to the console being “underpowered.”

As a response to this, the question was then asked as to whether Titanfall would appear on the Switch one day. Amavi replied “f**k no! No, you’re not going to be able to fit Titanfall 2 on the Nintendo Switch.” Those interested in seeing the full video can do so below – although be warned that parts of the conversation are not safe for work viewing.

Nintendo has been vocal about the amount of third party support the Switch is set to receive, publishing a list of third party developers planning to create games for the console. There are certainly some interesting projects in the pipeline, with Ubisoft reiterating its desire to provide a variety of Switch support. However, there have still been concerns about whether the Switch could truly bring in third party development at a higher level than the Wii U, and Alavi’s comments will do little to ease this fear.

Titanfall 2 is far from the only shooter to rule out a Switch release recently. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford also brought bad news to would-be Switch owners, revealing that Borderlands 3 is extremely unlikely to come to the Switch. Such games would add a good variety to the types of games available on the console, although there’s still plenty of other franchises that could see FPS potential on the Switch.

Alavi’s comments clash a little with the party line of EA, with the publisher making it clear that there would be some level of third party support for the Switch, such as the return of FIFA to the console. However, with EA’s Patrick Soderlund proclaiming that the publisher will add support once the console is up and running, there could be concerns that EA could hesitate to release games for the Switch should the console struggle. Hopefully, the Switch will be able to entice plenty of quality games for users to enjoy – and that any suggestions of the console being underpowered are not enough to stop projects appearing.