Respawn Entertainment announces on the official Titanfall 2 website that players can expect a new, close-combat game mode called “Live Fire” to be added soon.

Titanfall 2 is one of the more curious game releases of the past year. Titanfall 2‘s sales have been so mediocre that publisher Electronic Arts felt the need to assure fans that the game’s financial success is about “the long run”, but those sales mask the fact that Titanfall 2 is a stunner of a game. Critics the world over have praised the game’s meaningful campaign mode – a feature that was entirely absent in its predecessor – and the improvements made to the Titanfall series’ already impressive multiplayer gameplay.

So while sales for Titanfall 2 were initially disappointing, developer Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have likely taken notice of just how positive the discussion surrounding the game is amongst those who have actually purchased it. Luckily, both parties committed to supporting Titanfall 2 for a long period of time post-launch, so there are plenty of opportunities to convince gamers to buy yet – like the upcoming “Live Fire” multiplayer game mode, just announced by Respawn Entertainment, that will be releasing soon for free.

“Live Fire” is described by the official Titanfall 2 website as “fast-paced” and “intense”, and will see teams of 6 players restricted to Pilot only mode as they compete against each other in close-combat. The mode will feature a round-based best-of-5 format with no respawns, and teams will have one minute to eliminate all members of the other squad. If some number of players are remaining after the full minute has passed, however, a winning team will be decided by whoever is carrying the neutral flag when the round timer hits zero.

Titanfall 2‘s combat is already lightning fast, but Live Fire mode will see the introduction of two smaller maps – Stacks and Meadow – will accompany the release of the new mode and have been designed specifically for close-quarters firefights. Those not intrigued by the new Titanfall 2 game mode need not worry, however, as Respawn Entertainment will be releasing a new Coliseum map called Columns, a new Pilot execution, and multiple new Commander intros for each faction.

titanfall 2 explosion

While the execution of the new game mode will be important in gauging how Titanfall 2‘s post-launch content will be made, the very deep roster of changes that Respawn Entertainment will already be bringing to the title so soon should be a source of confidence for fans of the game who are worried its poor sales might impact its support. If anything, it appears that Respawn Entertainment and EA are doubling down, and post-launch content of this caliber might be just the trick in making Titanfall 2 the worldbeater game that its review scores indicate it should be.

Titanfall 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.