Titanfall 2 Only Has Three Multiplayer Trophies

Titanfall 2 Only Has Three Multiplayer Trophies - Jack and BT wall running

Titanfall 2's trophies and achievements are revealed, showing that the game only has three trophies tied to multiplayer, whereas the rest are unlocked in the campaign.

The first Titanfall game was a multiplayer-only experience, with Respawn insisting that excluding single player was the right way to go. Fast forward to Titanfall 2, and Respawn has changed its tune dramatically, putting a huge focus on the game's single-player campaign, while also trying to avoid neglecting the multiplayer content. According to the game's trophy list, though, Respawn wants trophy and achievement hunters to spend more time with the campaign than the multiplayer.

Titanfall 2 has 51 trophies (or 50 achievements on Xbox One), and out of all the trophies in the game, only three are unlocked by playing the game's multiplayer mode. Furthermore, the multiplayer trophies seem rather simple to unlock, and players should be able to unlock all of them almost immediately. There's a trophy for winning a match, another for customizing a loadout in multiplayer, and then a third for joining a player-created multiplayer network. All things considered, unlocking all of the multiplayer trophies in Titanfall 2 should take less than half an hour, depending on how long it takes for one to pick up a win in multiplayer.

The rest of the trophies are targeted at the campaign. While this may not mean much to some people, it is a bit odd for Titanfall to go from being such a multiplayer-focused experience to switching gears entirely for the sequel, which seems to be more concerned about the single player story mode above everything else. This is especially strange when one considers the fact that Respawn once referred to a campaign in Titanfall 2 as a "step backwards."


Despite Respawn's earlier comments, the marketing campaign for Titanfall 2 seems to focus on single player characters Jack and BT, with two new trailers detailing their relationship in the single player campaign released over the last couple of weeks. Even Titanfall 2's launch trailer was campaign-focused, showing that Respawn clearly has a lot invested in the mode, and perhaps indicating that Respawn is confident that it will deliver an entertaining single player experience.

Based on Titanfall 2's reviews, that seems to be the general consensus. The game has earned high praise from numerous media outlets, with many pointing to the campaign as one of the game's highlights. Considering Respawn's impressive pedigree – the same devs worked on the campaign for Call of Duty 4 – its single player success should come as no surprise, but after it seemed so against the idea of Titanfall single player with the first game, it is a relief to know that Respawn still put forth its best effort with Titanfall 2's campaign.

Those that are picking up Titanfall 2 for multiplayer should still have plenty of content to sink their teeth into, however. While the marketing campaign for the game definitely seems to be more concerned with single player than anything else, Titanfall 2 is still looking to provide a more robust multiplayer experience for those that enjoyed the original game, including more Titan classes, new maps, and new match types to keep fans engaged. Here's hoping all of the elements of Titanfall 2 resonate with fans when the game releases worldwide tomorrow.

Titanfall 2 will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 28, 2016.

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