Titanfall 2 'Coliseum' 1v1 Mode Tied to Doritos, Mountain Dew


Titanfall 2 is adding a special one versus one game mode, accessible only through exclusive tickets included with purchases of Doritos and Mountain Dew.

Update: A representative for Electronic Arts has sent us an official statement regarding the Titanfall 2 Coliseum tickets:

"Anyone can earn Coliseum tickets just by playing multiplayer, but they are also available through the Mountain Dew and Buffalo Wild Wings promotions."


One of Titanfall 2's competitive online multiplayer modes has just been announced, but the source of the announcement may come as a surprise. According to a press release from PepsiCo, the corporation behind both Doritos and Mountain Dew, Titanfall 2 will feature a brand new 1 versus 1 mode named the "Coliseum." According to the details, the Coliseum won't open for just anyone. Players will have to unlock access into the Coliseum with special codes provided with both Doritos and Mountain Dew.

According to PepsiCo, special branded versions of both Doritos and Mountain Dew will include a one-use "ticket" code granting access to the Coliseum. Players will be able to join the mode for a best-of-3 match against another snack food aficionado in an intense duel. Other reports state that these tickets will also be available as part of another special promotion with Buffalo Wild Wings. While other promotions with other partners is likely, just the PepsiCo and Buffalo Wild Wings deals are currently known.

"Accessible only by Coliseum tickets, this fast, ruthless game mode is determined by the best 2 out of 3. The winner walks away with gifts and unlockables in the form of Advocate Gifts. Fame and fortune await you in the Coliseum, but only those who come armed with their wits, cunning and Coliseum ticket will taste victory."

Details including how long the promotion will last and whether or not the Coliseum will be a limited time only game mode or not are as yet unrevealed.

As for what kind of rewards players can expect to earn through the Coliseum, PepsiCo did share some prizes. Double experience points should be an expected gift considering how common it occurs in these types of promotional events. In addition to double XP, however, are a couple of more exciting rewards. Early access to the Ronin titan can be earned via Doritos and Mountain Dew, as well as a pilot execution unlock. Buffalo Wild Wings, on the other hand, will offer up an exclusive titan skin. Hopefully more details on those rewards will be coming soon.

It's not uncommon for PepsiCo to partner with major video game publishers for promotional events with big game releases. Both Doritos and Mountain Dew are well known for their investment into video game marketing. This Titanfall 2 venture, however, is something new entirely. Has DLC been included with food and drink purchases before? Absolutely. But has access to an exclusive game mode through single-use ticket included with food and drink purchases been done? No way. This is probably a topic that warrants further discussion.

Titanfall 2 will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting October 28.

Source: Polygon

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