Titanfall 2 Has Hidden Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg

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After the launch of the first free DLC for Titanfall 2, the patch notes for Angel City's Most Wanted reveals a Loch Ness easter egg is hidden somewhere in a campaign level.

Even though Titanfall 2 didn't roar out of the gate like many at EA were hoping, the game appears to finally be picking up steam no doubt in large part to the slew of recent Black Friday sales. As previously promised, Respawn released its first free DLC package to the community, featuring a completely remastered version of the popular Angel City map from the first game. In addition to a number of bug fixes, improvements and other content, the DLC also aims to bring more awareness to a very hidden easter egg.

Among the patch notes for the recently released Angel City's Most Wanted, a cryptic message inside of the new features section reveals that players now have a greater chance to see a hidden Loch Ness easter egg in one of the campaign levels. Apparently the secret has been so well hidden that it appears no one has come across it since Titanfall 2 originally launched back in October. It's clear that Respawn is itching to have people find the hidden Nessie considering how much attention the developer has given it in this update.


Unfortunately, Respawn is not saying which particular level holds the surprise, but this little nugget of information will no doubt kick off waves of explorers hoping to be the first to track down the secret.

As strange as a Loch Ness secret is for a game like this, it's not actually the first time Nessie has been referenced in this franchise. The original Titanfall featured a handful of references from an insignia players could earn, and a few hidden dolls scattered around the multiplayer maps including one in a toilet on the map The Odyssey.

Not only that, Titanfall 2 technical test players quickly discovered the existance of a Nessie doll inside of the pilot training mission. Instead of following the main path with Captain Lastimosa, players decided to see if it was possible to jump to the rock structures out in the open field. Not only were they able to, but a Nessie plush was found hidden among the rocks as well.

Starting today for EA Access and Origin Access subscribers, Titanfall 2 multiplayer goes free to play, while everyone else can get a taste in a few days on December 2. While this won't help players track down the elusive easter egg, it should give them enough time to get great taste of what the full game is like before the trail session wraps up on December 4.

Will you be participating in the free multiplayer trial this weekend or are you already enjoying the experience? Let us know what you're up to this coming weekend.

Titanfall 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Respawn Forums

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