Titanfall‘s official YouTube channel releases the trailer for the game’s upcoming Live Fire game mode DLC, and Titanfall 2 will soon be getting even more multiplayer depth.

Titanfall 2 is 2016’s antithesis to Pokemon GO. The latter showed critics that even a relatively shallow game could go on to obscene financial success, while the former proved that even one of 2016’s best games could flounder on the open market. Titanfall 2 made drastic improvements to its predecessors deep multiplayer, and even added one of 2016’s best single-player campaigns to the mix, but consumer memory ensured that a lot of potential buyers ended up passing on the series that had burned them before.

Despite EA admitting that Titanfall 2‘s sales are lower than expected, the publisher hasn’t given up on the game, with the development team at Respawn Entertainment promising future free updates to the title that are designed to enhance its already refined multiplayer experience. Today, the official Titanfall 2 YouTube channel released a trailer for the biggest change to the game yet, previewing the introduction of Titanfall 2‘s upcoming Live Fire game mode.

Titanfall 2‘s new game mode will feature a shift in design philosophy from Respawn, as Live Fire will pit smaller teams of players into significantly more claustrophobic environments than one would usually expect from Titanfall 2. Judging from the trailer, Live Fire will focus much more heavily on the kind of trigger-happy reflexes that gamers have been refining since the days of Quake, complete with the carefully timed jumps and corner-strafing that made that series so popular.

Whether or not Live Fire mode will attract more fans for Titanfall 2 is another story, though, as the game’s sterling reputation among critics has done little to sway people into purchasing more copies of the game outside of those who already picked it up at launch. Given that Titanfall 2 features a very distinct style of multiplayer that could scare away potential PvP fans, however, the introduction of Live Fire could be just what Titanfall 2 needs to improve its standing among the traditionalists of the genre.

It’s clear that EA and Respawn Entertainment are confident in Titanfall 2 as a long-term product, but it does not appear that the publisher and developer team has completely ignored the game’s reception thus far. Titanfall 2 won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and although that decision was reportedly because it isn’t a good fit, many fans have wondered if the game’s sluggish sales up to this point was a key factor. Regardless of the success of Live Fire mode, though, Titanfall 2 remains one of the best recent games that many people haven’t played – a problem that continues to elude solving from EA or Respawn at this time.

Titanfall 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.