Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer Releases

Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Titanfall 2 shows the bond between man and metal as a pilot and his titan fight their way across the battlefield.

Now that Titanfall 2 only has a few more days before the game drops into stores across the globe, Respawn Entertainment has provided fans with yet another riveting cinematic trailer. The studio has previously shown a focus on the new single-player campaign, and the Titanfall 2 launch trailer delivers even more of that visceral, hard-hitting combat that shows the bond between man and metal.

Today's new trailer follows along with a pilot and his titan as they venture across hostile land. The duo proceed to wreak havoc in a variety of fights, showing off some unlikely (but admittedly slick looking) pilot knife-fighting mixed with a fair share of somewhat sombre moments between man and titan. While most gamers tend to jump into their titans as soon as they arrive, this trailer seems to emphasize that much can be done with the titan following along separately, so it'll be interesting to see how this reflects within the game itself.

Interested pilots can take a look at the Titanfall 2 Become One trailer below:


Players will have ample opportunity to become attached to titans of their own with a series first single player campaign story, an addition Respawn Entertainment is including after getting plenty of fan feedback from the first title. While the gigantic titans are a foreboding force to be reckoned with, it's clear that gamers need to remain wary of the pilots who lead them into battle, too; when traversing outside of their titan's body, players will be able to double-jump, hover, and wall run across the battlefield at a fast pace.

Respawn Entertainment has shown through several trailers now that the studio is stepping up in terms of plot when it comes to the sequel, which is a good choice considering the first title essentially just told players that two factions were at war with almost no engaging backstory beyond that. This time around, Titanfall 2 will feature complicated AI constructs, weaponry that can destroy entire planets, and what we hope will be an engaging protagonist.

The game will launch alongside a very tiny day one patch, and we expect many Sony fans are eagerly waiting to go nuclear with their mechs. The first title was an Xbox One exclusive, although Respawn Entertainment says that choice wasn't up to the studio. Respawn may not be supporting cross-play functionality at launch, but there's always the possibility that gamers will be able to execute enemies from almost all corners of the platform world in a future update.

Will you be dropping in for Titanfall 2, Ranters?

Titanfall 2 will release on October 28 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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