Respawn Entertainment announces that this weekend will be host to a double XP event for Titanfall 2, allowing players to progress through the ranks in half the time.

Players who are looking to rank up fast in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 need look no further than this weekend. Starting Friday, the developers are allowing users to earn twice the usual amount of XP for a select time.

From Friday the 9th of December through Sunday, Titanfall 2 players will be receiving double the amount of XP for their in-game pilots, when playing any of the game’s currently released online game modes. This news was announced on the game’s official Twitter account yesterday.

This means that for the whole weekend, players will be able to rank up their pilots and equip them with the best and newest weapons and upgrades in half the time that it would normally take. The event will certainly be an incentive for newer players to jump into the fray, especially as the recent free weekend event means that the game has had an influx of fresh blood.

While the game may not have made as many sales as some of the other recently released titles, due in part to its unfortunate launching alongside the highly-anticipated Battlefield 1, publisher EA has stated that the game is more about the long run than short term sales. Those players who have taken the time to pick up the game have given it mostly positive reviews, with critics highly praising the title and its improvements over its predecessor.


In an effort to keep fans invested in the franchise, Respawn Entertainment has also announced that all upcoming DLC for the game will be free, supported by a small cosmetic store. The first free map, Angel City has been released to a generally positive reception, alongside a new playlist that hosts the map constantly. Several new additions have also been made, such as the fresh mech abilities and weapons which is sure to keep the game interesting for long-term players.

Despite a lower amount of sales than one could expect from such a large AAA title, Respawn Entertainment has called Titanfall 2 “a huge success” and talks could be underway for a third game in the franchise, sometime in the distant future. EA has also agreed that the game has proven to be a successful venture, claiming that it is fully committed to the franchise.

If you haven’t picked up Titanfall 2 yet, or if you were looking for the right time to invest yourself in the game’s online multiplayer, this weekend looks to be the perfect opportunity for players new and existing to come together and earn some doubled XP.

Titanfall 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.