Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment outlines DLC release plans for February, March, and beyond, including the return of fan favorite multiplayer map Colony.

About two weeks ago Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment announced plans to add a new mode and two maps to its popular mech v. pilot shooter. Today, the studio has elaborated on those plans and further fleshed out its DLC roadmap, which we now know includes another release in March.

First up, though, is the release of Live Fire, a new 6v6 elimination mode for Titanfall 2. Like most elimination game modes – think a regular match in Counter-Strike GO or Elimination in Destiny – once a player is out, they are out. Respawn likens the mode to a game of paintball for the way it forces players to think strategically with their “one life.”

Alongside Live Fire, Titanfall 2 will be adding two new maps that Respawn says are built to force confrontation. Controlled sight lines, choke points, and flank routes are key in these new maps, and they will hopefully support the new game mode’s approach.

titanfall 2 live fire map

Beyond the release of Live Fire, Respawn has also teased what the future will hold for Titanfall 2, both near and a little farther flung. In March, players will unlock the map Colony, a redesigned version of the classic multiplayer arena from the first game. Additionally, Respawn will be adding a number of premium unlocks like Prime Titans and cosmetics that will require real money.

The Colony DLC drop will apparently also include a balance patch for Titanfall 2, something that players have likely been waiting a long time to see. Although the base game’s multiplayer was fairly balanced to begin with, there are certainly weapons, items, and Titans that players flock to if they want to be successful.

Ideally, this Mach balance patch will either make some of those essential weapons less viable, or make the lesser used Titans and items stronger. Titanfall 2 was certainly one of Game Rant’s favorite multiplayer shooters of the year, but there is always room to improve.

titanfall 2 dlc schedule march

While the holiday might have been a little light for Titanfall 2 content, it appears that Respawn is ready to kick things back into gear starting next month. For regular players this means free content in the form of those new maps and the new Live Fire mode, and those who want to put a little extra money into the game can unlock new customization options and more. And, if the DLC schedule is to be believed, things will not stop with Colony, as there is at least one more slot’s worth of content left to come. What that might be is unclear – Respawn hasn’t even fully unveiled the Live Fire content yet – but there is still more new content on the horizon.

Titanfall 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.