Titanfall 2 Trailer Highlights Customization Options

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In a new trailer, art director Joel Emslie reveals the huge amount of visual customization options players will have for their pilot and titan once Titanfall 2 launches.

Since wrapping up the second technical test a few weeks ago, developer Respawn Entertainment has been hard at work not only getting Titanfall 2 ready for its late October launch, but revealing more information off about the game. The first major reveal came last week as fans finally saw all six titan classes in action including the defensive juggernaut Legion, and the quick but hard hitting Ronin. Titanfall 2 news dropped once again this week as a new trailer reveals just how much customization has been added into this sequel.

The new video, which features voice over work from art director Joel Emslie, shows off a staggering amount of visual customization options players now have access to inside of Titanfall 2. Now, players can choose to apply over six pages worth of camouflage to their pilot, titan, and weapon as well with samples ranging from common woodland patterns to more outrageous ones like pink zebra stripes.


After selecting the type of paint camo, players are then prompted to select paint for the titan weapon and then the nose art. Nose art in Titanfall 2 is a massive decal that gets placed on the "face" of the titan, letting players add interesting graphics such as shark teeth, or other designs to really stand out. Some even mesh with the paint that is selected such as the Megalodon appearance of the Ronin titan shown in the video.

The trailer also reveals a new look for the cloak pilot, one of the few options seen in the technical test period. While still wearing somewhat bulky armor, the pilot now has some ghillie suit fur around the shoulders and neck. While not only looking cool, these little visual details are also in place to let other players know what type of tactical item you're using as well. Could this mean players may be able to further customize their pilot with different items?

Even though Titanfall 2 won't let players change things like guns or abilities for each titan like the first game allowed due in large part to the new class system in place, the new customization options completely expand upon what was originally offered. In the first Titanfall, players were only able to apply a small decal to their titan, resulting in most loadouts looking the same outside of the three distinct body types. With Titanfall 2, these added customization options aim to let players really make each one their own.

What do you think of the new customization options? Do you like the new class system, or did you like being able to create a completely custom loadout for each titan? Let us know your thoughts below.

Titanfall 2 drops in on October 28, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Titanfall YouTube Channel

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