Titanfall 2 Colony Reborn DLC Announced Alongside Free Weekend

titanfall 2 colony dlc

When Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment announced that gameplay DLC for the title would be free, many fans were impressed, and the studio has been true to its word. Now, the next batch of free DLC for the shooter has been confirmed, in the form of the Colony Reborn DLC pack. This additional content will be available to players from March 30, 2017.

If the name Colony sounds familiar to Titanfall 2 players who also owned the original game, there's a reason for that. Colony was the name of a multiplayer arena from the first game, and the map itself has been redesigned for use in Titanfall 2. Respawn Entertainment had originally teased the return of the Colony map in January, but now is clearly right time in the eyes of the developer to launch this content.

"Set among a sleepy settler town, the dense center is filled with narrow streets, interiors, and rooftops surrounded by open Titan lanes," stated Respawn in a new Titanfall blog post. Those interested in checking out the map, and seeing what Respawn has tweaked for play in Titanfall 2, can do so by watching the DLC's trailer below.

That's not the only change that is being rung in with the Colony Reborn DLC, however. Alongside the map, all Titanfall 2 players will be able to use a new weapon, the R-101, which "has been a mainstay of human conflict since the first settlers arrived from the Core Systems." As well as this, the Curb Check execution will also be introduced, which is equal parts violent and impressive. There will also be some paid-for cosmetic DLC on the cards, in the form of new Titan cosmetics and more.

The launch of the Colony Reborn DLC will also coincide with another Free Trial weekend. Starting on the 30 March and running through to 3 April, interested gamers will be able to get full access to Titanfall 2's multiplayer, as well as being able to play the Training Gauntlet and single player mission The Beacon. What's more, both the Training Gaunlet and The Beacon will remain up on a free to play basis after the multiplayer trial has ended.

Respawn will no doubt be hoping that this trial, and the temptation of the free DLC, will be enough to increase the game's player base. Titanfall 2 became something of a lost game last year, having been sandwiched between such huge FPS releases as Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, resulting in it being both one of the top games of 2016 and one of the most underrated games of 2016. Perhaps another free weekend will help Titanfall 2 to further aim towards becoming a sleeper hit.

Source: Titanfall Blog

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