Respawn Entertainment reveals that the collector’s edition of Titanfall 2 comes with a full-scale replica Pilot helmet, and will cost gamers an intimidating $250.

During EA’s E3 2016 presentation, mech-based shooter sequel Titanfall 2 took up a rather charge chunk of the runtime. Although the title’s campaign trailer was subject to a rather unfortunate leak, where EA accidentally leaked the Titanfall 2 single player trailer early and was forced to then fully release the footage, the publisher still gave gamers a more solid look than some of the other highly anticipated games of E3 2016. Now, those excited about the game can also check out a rather content-heavy collector’s edition.

Dubbed the Vanguard Edition of the game, this Titanfall 2 collector’s edition comes in at a rather hefty $250. However, that price does bring with it with one surprising inclusion. The Vanguard Edition will be packaged with a fully-sized, wearable Pilot helmet, complete with a battery-operating blue light-up translucent faceplate, and a blue status/task light.

The helmet also comes with its own accessories, in the form of a a tactical spotlight and a targeting laser sight. These two accessories are battery-operated as well, and can be mounted on the ARC rail system of the helmet. The laser sight features a super-bright non-projected red LED, and both the sight and the spotlight can be independently operated. Thankfully, the helmet is not sponsored by Mountain Dew.

titanfall 2 vanguard edition

As well as this helmet, the collector’s edition also comes with plenty of other content. Alongside a Deluxe Edition of the game itself, purchasers will receive a 8GB dog tag USB flash drive, and a Pilot field journal with an aluminium case. Meanwhile, the collector’s edition also comes with a Vanguard Shemagh scarf and Squad Morale patches, as mentioned in the earlier Titanfall 2 collector’s edition leak. Full details of this collector’s edition can be found at the edition’s Amazon listing.

Given the numerous leaks that have arisen out of EA’s E3 2016 content, unfortunately not a lot of this will have come as much of a surprise to fans of the Titanfall property in general. Nonetheless, gamers will no doubt have appreciated the first gameplay trailer for Titanfall 2‘s multiplayer, along with the overall discussion of the game that surrounded it. Given that the campaign mode may actually help the multiplayer experience, players could be in for a treat.

Whether or not this excitement carries over into many gamers rushing out to purchase this $250 collector’s edition, however, remains to be seen. The Pilot helmet may look rather darn cool, but wearing it is unlikely to provide much of an advantage when actually playing the game – unless, of course, Respawn Entertainment is planning to introduce some kind of Augmented Reality content exclusively for wearers.

Titanfall 2 will be released for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on October 28, 2016.