Titanfall 2 Hits $29 Black Friday Price Early at Walmart

EA's Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 are getting big price cuts coming up on Black Friday. From $35 at Target to $30 price breaks at Best Buy, if you want to pick up EA's latest, you can easily save up to 50% off the list price. But of course this is still 10 days away and shoppers will have to deal with the inevitable Black Friday rush and chaos.

Thankfully, some retailers are more aggressive than others and thanks to price robots automatically price matching, you can now pick up Titanfall 2 for as cheap as $29.96 at Walmart. This is significantly cheaper than what GameStop will be offering come the big sales day (they are discounting Titanfall 2 to only $39.99, or $20 off).

Update: Deal is now back for console copies at Best Buy. The current only valid deal for Titanfall 2 on PC is the digital copy at Origin for only $31.99.

Titanfall 2 Early Black Friday Deal


Note that for Amazon's price match, the deal may sell out or end sooner rather than later. It's an automatic price match from Amazon's price robot, so expect Amazon's deal to expire the minute Walmart stops having units in stock. For the PS4 copy at Amazon, they are not shipping until November 18 as stocks are quickly being sold out. Conversely, for Walmart the deal has been going in and out of stock depending on store locations availability.

In terms of supplies for the Xbox One copy, we are seeing more availability when compared to the PlayStation 4 copy. Both Walmart and Amazon look to have plenty in stock since the night of November 14 - and we fully expect the deal to continue in the immediate future. Having said that, if you want a copy of Titanfall 2 at the current 50% off discount, we'd secure a copy online today and pick-up at your local Walmart. This is a good bet for those without Amazon Prime membership.

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