After Titanfall 2 had been available for a while, publisher Electronic Arts announced that sales were lower than expected for the mech-based first-person shooter, but the company still stood behind the high quality of the title. Now, Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella has broached the subject yet again, saying that the game was “successful” and “sold well,” but he went on to acknowledge that its sales should have been much stronger upon release.

Zampella revealed as much while discussing Titanfall 2 during an interview with GameSpot, theorizing that one possibility for the first-person shooter’s inability to be labeled as a blockbuster right out of the gate was due to the release frame in the fall of 2016 having been overcrowded with a lot of other highly coveted Triple-A titles. For instance, Titanfall 2 went on sale around the time that other huge shooters like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were put out, with the Respawn co-founder admitting to it having been a “rough” launch window.

“The game was successful, it sold well, but it didn’t quite sell as well as it should have. Maybe because it was super-crowded, the pricing was aggressive–it was a rough window to launch our game.”

Despite the less than ideal sales for Titanfall 2, Zampella went on to discuss the title’s community, saying that the player base is generally positive – which is more than likely due to the developer’s decision to support the game with free DLC – and that positivity is typically not a trait attributed to other popular games’ avid users. Regarding the shooter’s fans, the Respawn Entertainment co-founder said, “There’s not really much negativity or acidity compared to other communities, so I’m very thankful for that.”

Of course, with Titanfall 2 not having sold as well as Electronic Arts had anticipated, the question lingers of whether or not the second entry in the franchise will receive a proper followup sometime in the future. Naturally, Zampella wants the series to keep going strong beyond the forthcoming mobile RTS game Titanfall Assault, but the studio also seems to have other projects in the works at the moment. However, Respawn Entertainment can’t fully talk about them just yet.

“It’s important for us to keep the franchise going. ‘We’re doing more Titanfall,’ which is the quote I’m supposed to say. We have our franchise creative director, who’s in charge of safeguarding the franchise in multiple formats and making sure it continues to grow. There’s some other things we’re doing that haven’t been announced just yet, but we’re heavily invested in the Titanfall universe.

“We’re working on more Titanfall–we’re not announcing what that is yet, but there’s a few other things in the works–the mobile game, which turned out fantastic and is super fun, the fans love it and allowed us to expand on what we did in the last games. So I’m pretty happy with what the franchise has become.”

Taking all of this into account, even though Titanfall 2 didn’t hit the exemplary sales figures that its publisher wanted to, it doesn’t mean that an official trilogy should be ruled out entirely. As our review of the game has suggested, the second entry in the franchise managed to best the original game in numerous ways, by not only including a memorable campaign, but also by having a thoroughly engaging multiplayer. So, it stands to reason that if given the chance, Respawn Entertainment could absolutely knock it out of the park with a third title in the series, especially if its release date is scheduled correctly. After all, third time’s the charm.

Titanfall 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot