Titanfall 2's A Glitch in the Frontier DLC Gets a Release Date, Gameplay Trailer


Today, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have revealed when the next piece of free DLC known as A Glitch in the Frontier is coming to Titanfall 2, and fans of the first-person mech-shooter should expect to receive it on April 25, 2017. Not only did the developer and publisher of the game reveal when the add-on will drop, but also the companies decided to release a brand new trailer for fans to get a feel of what the expansion will contain.

As seen below in the trailer for the A Glitch in the Frontier DLC, the upcoming add-on includes two maps, a faction, another game mode, and more. As described by Electronic Arts, Titanfall 2's Glitch map is "medium-sized" and has been "inspired by Captain Lastimosa's home planet of Harmony," with a second arena, named Deck, being added specifically for the title's Live Fire game mode.

As far as A Glitch in the Frontier's new faction is concerned, the Titanfall 2 update adds MRVN, which could be connected to the in-game MARVIN automated assistants. Additionally, the game mode from the first installment called Marked for Death is being added to the sequel, which will have players killing specifically marked opponents of the other team for points. Not to mention, the update brings about a level cap increase to 100, the ability to choose between Prime and Regular executions for Titans, a new Pulse Blade execution, and the option to add Live Fire modes to Private Match options.

All of these details come just a day after Respawn Entertainment provided its expansion plans for 2017, which gave fans a road map of what's ahead for the rest of the year in Titanfall 2's post-launch lifespan. Following next week's A Glitch in the Frontier DLC release, players of the game will eventually be privy to a new Titan, more executions, more paid add-ons in the form of Prime Titans and cosmetic upgrades, and even more free DLC that has yet to be announced.

Taking all of this into consideration, it's great to see Respawn Entertainment giving Titanfall 2 fans such heavy doses of post-launch support at no additional cost, as it has certainly pleased the title's community. As it happens, the strategy has seemed to be so well-received that it could be influencing other upcoming Electronic Arts-published titles' DLC plans, as Star Wars Battlefront 2 has said it won't have a Season Pass, meaning that it could implement an expansion game plan similar to Titanfall 2's.

Titanfall 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Electronic Arts

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