There’s no doubt that the Xbox One X will be a major player in the video game industry. Microsoft has been consistently touting the device as the most powerful console ever built, and that power has apparently come at a cost – Microsoft apparently won’t be making any profit on Xbox One X sales, despite the relatively high price tag that the Xbox One X will begin with. That’s a testament to the quality of the console Microsoft is putting together, and also a strong indication that the company is hoping the Xbox One X will be an impact player in the struggle to usurp Sony’s current console dominance and Nintendo’s surging Switch.

Interestingly, much of the hype surrounding the Xbox One X lately is surrounding one particular game and its resolution. Reports recently broke that suggested Titanfall 2 graphics will be significantly improved on Microsoft’s new console – so much so that the game apparently achieves resolutions as high as 6K. That news obviously got fans talking, and eventually the subject was brought up to Xbox boss Phil Spencer on Twitter. Spencer’s reply, although characteristically cryptic, seemed to be a confirmation of the news:

Naturally, Spencer’s statement doesn’t actually confirm that Titanfall 2 will hit that kind of resolution, but it also isn’t an outright denial when he had the chance to shut down a rumor that he knew was false. That suggests Titanfall 2 really can render at 6K on the Xbox One X, which would be a significant edge for the console ahead of its likely competition with the PS4 Pro over the “hardcore” gamer’s console of choice.

The rumors swirling around the Xbox One X are simply a continuation of Microsoft’s E3 presence, which seemed to be the most exciting based on fan reaction alone. The Xbox One X was the most talked about topic at E3 2017 and, with news like this emerging, that discussion should only intensify in its frequency ahead of the console’s eventual launch later this year.

Xbox One X will launch worldwide on November 7, 2017.

Source: Twitter