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The tower simulation game Tiny Tower has been making a ton of headlines in recent weeks, but for all the wrong reasons. Social software games giant Zynga released a game nearly identical to Tiny Tower called Dream Heights and has since, been taking heat for allegedy copying NimbleBit's hit indie game.

To put things in perspective, NimbleBit has 3 employees and Zynga has over 2,700. Understandably then, loyal fans of Tiny Tower - the 2011 iPhone game of the year - are unimpressed at Zynga's actions (so is at least one former Zynga employee). So, while Zynga tries to capitalize in similar success, NimbleBit feels safe knowing that 10 million people have downloaded their game.

While playing Tiny Tower on my own phone yesterday, I received a pop-up notice that shared the good news of the milestone. In celebration, the game gave me 10 extra "Tower Bux" - one of the two in-game currencies needed upgrade the elevator and apartments in the game, or to speed up construction.

NimbleBit's Ian Marsh took to Twitter as well to share the momentous news:

"To celebrate Tiny Tower reaching 10 million iOS downloads we're giving away over 10 million Tower Bux to players! Log in today!"

If players earned 10 Tower Bux like I did, that means 9 million players get nothing, so too bad for you. You can buy 10 Tower Bux for $0.99 in-game (that's how they make money).

If you're an iPhone user, we highly recommend you try out Tiny Tower (and not Dream Heights). It's free and it's wildly addictive in its charm and innovative sim features.

For more Tiny Tower and other NimbleBit games - including the popular Pocket Frogs - head over the official NimbleBit website.


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Source: Ian Marsh

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