TimTheTatman Scores Blind Triple Kill with Fortnite's BRUTE Mech

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The addition of BRUTE mechs to Fortnite's battle royale remains a controversial decision. The reasons for and against keeping BRUTEs in-game are varied, which may be why Epic Games hasn't made any significant changes to the mechs despite ongoing frustrations. But if there's a succinct argument against BRUTEs in Fortnite, it's this new clip from TimTheTatman's Twitch stream, where he manages to blindly get a triple kill in a matter of seconds.

As the clip starts, TimTheTatman is turning off his monitor and turning it to show his Twitch chat that he can no longer see the game. At this point, his squad begins giving TimTheTatman general directions. "Aim at the ground" and "More forward" are really the only commands that TimTheTatman carries out, though. TimTheTatman isn't driving the mech, which gives him an advantage, but the relative ease with which he gets kills is obscene.

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TimTheTatman's first full rocket salvo delivers his first knockdown. A quick reload finishes of a second player. His driver then leaps twice to the side, TimTheTatman still unaware of where his enemies lie. His next salvo misses entirely, but the followup claims a third player.

Watching the clip shows that TimTheTatman still doing anything to take advantage of his situation. He keeps his aiming reticle pointed towards the ground and only fires when his squad asks. A lot of credit goes to the BRUTE's driver, SypherPK, but otherwise, the BRUTE makes it very easy.

Epic Games is no more likely to make significant changes to Season 10 or the BRUTEs as a result of TimTheTatman's livestream, but this video highlights the issue with the Brute mechs. The BRUTE mechs are so strong that they can collect kills with ease. They're so strong that it's anti-competitive. TimTheTatman's may not have managed a triple kill if he had to drive, but being able to fire blindly and get kills is still OP.

Epic Games has already issued one update for the BRUTE mechs in Fortnite, adding laser guidance so targets better know when to run. Epic's also said that it's watching and listening, in case further changes are necessary.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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