TimeSplitters Rewind Trailer Reveals 2017 Release Date


The development team Cinder Interactive Arts puts out a bizarre teaser trailer for TimeSplitters Rewind, confirming a 2017 release for the forthcoming project.

Without a doubt, first-person shooter fans are still eagerly anticipating an official resurgence of the TimeSplitters franchise, with many declaring their desire for another entry to be released, or at the very least for Crytek to make the PS2 games playable through PS4 emulation. Since there's no word as to when or if the series will ever be revived through more traditional means, gaming fans should be happy to know a small group of part-time developers have formed a team under the name Cinder Interactive Arts to put out a new trailer that proves its multiplayer-focused send-up of the first three TimeSplitters games – that is, TimeSplitters Rewind – is still alive and well, and it has a release date set for sometime in 2017.

As seen below in the video courtesy of Damianaid's YouTube Channel, the trailer from Cinder Interactive Arts offers little in the way of information regarding the contents of TimeSplitters Rewind other than to announce its launch this year. After revealing TimeSplitters Rewind was developed using CryEngine, for about two full minutes, what appear to be shattered time crystals from the series float endlessly in an ethereal void while muffled, disembodied voices echo in and out of the swelling, dramatic music for the duration of the clip, which is likely to leave many confused.

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Since Cinder Interactive Arts is promoting the above footage as a teaser trailer, fans shouldn't have expected to get many details beyond a hint of what's to come in TimeSplitters Rewind, but instead, practically nothing is learned regarding potential characters, environments, or even the platforms on which it will be available. As it happens, it was revealed a few years ago that the project had major potential to become a PS4 port, as the developers began work on a version for the Sony console rather than waiting for approval from the Japanese tech firm or Crytek. So, it's possible that fans might get to play it on both PC and PS4.

Of course, with TimeSplitters Rewind potentially coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One fans will surely want to know if they will be getting to play Cinder Interactive Arts' final product as well. Unfortunately, though, the developer has previously stated that a version for the Xbox One might not be in the cards due to the Microsoft certification process being a major deterrent. As TimeSplitters Rewind's Project Lead Michael Hubicka has said in the past, updating games after the first free patch on the console can be expensive, with some games remaining "broken" on Xbox Live as a result.

Taking all of this into consideration, it's obvious there's a demand for another TimeSplitters game, with many fans hoping TimeSplitters Rewind will provide a fresh experience on an existing formula that's already rock solid. After all, the series remains an inspiration to many in the industry and gaming community at large. For example, the developers for Homefront: The Revolution put a fun Easter egg in the game to pay homage to the TimeSplitters franchise, indicating its heavy influence in the shooter genre.

TimeSplitters Rewind is currently in development and set to come out sometime in 2017.

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