Tim Schafer Ready for 'Psychonauts' Sequel

Tim Schafer Ready for Psychonauts Sequel

Tim Schafer’s wildly inventive Psychonauts will forever be remembered as one of gaming’s hidden gems. Not only did it bring new mechanics to each level, but the title proved that bizarre humor in games was possible. Those who have played the game, whether it was back around the time of release or through some digital distribution outlet, are dying to revisit the world of Psychonauts.

Recently, Tim Schafer was asked if he was interested in making a sequel to the underrated game, to which he replied that he was "ready to do it."

While Schafer might be ready to make a sequel to Psychonauts this doesn’t mean that any publishing company would be ready to take it on. Though the game has gained a cult following over the years, that build-up was a slow crawl.

It took time and suggestions from those that had already played the title for Psychonauts to gain notoriety in the gaming community. Schafer feels this slow acceptance could cripple a sequel and, once again, could lead to poor sales. That said, despite a cult following, if all those Psychonauts fans were to support a sequel at launch, it would be a huge hit.

Schafer’s Double Fine Studios has been hard at work on new projects - including the recently released Costume Quest. With their acquisition of Ron Gilbert, the studio has a ton of potential in their hands. The question here is whether the game studio should look forward or backward? Psychonauts is a great game, and there are still plenty who have yet to check it out, but perhaps the game should exist as a single great title and the Schafer team can instead look toward making a new inventive creation.

If a Psychonauts sequel released would you pick it up within the first month of launch? Do any fans of the first game desire a sequel or do you feel it should exist as a standalone title?

Source: PSM3 [via CVG]

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