'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13' Lets You Relive Woods' Toddler Years

Tiger Woods Legacy Challenge Screenshots - Toddler Years

Sometimes in order to get fans that have grown weary of a series reinvested, a sports franchise has to completely reinvent itself with a new feature or mode. One of those sports franchises that has been in dire need of some evolution is Tiger Woods PGA Tour. After struggling with whether or not to keep Tiger Woods as the namesake of the franchise, EA Sports has now wholly committed to Woods, and given him a starring role in a new mode for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.

Perhaps piggybacking off of the Jordan Challenge Mode featured in NBA 2K11, this mode called Tiger Legacy Challenge will visit Woods during various points in his career, including early practices as a young child. Rather than showcase individual players at their various high points, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is sticking with the superstar (a decision they might not have made two years ago) and showcasing many of Tiger's accomplishments.

While some sections of the Legacy Challenge will focus on Tiger developing his stroke — winning early tournaments as a young teen— others will center on key moments on his road to success. Much like the Jordan Challenge we'd expect the game to ask players to accomplish a certain feat in order to accurately recreate that event.

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Though this mode in general sounds exciting, the element that most will flock to this iteration for are the Toddler years. As seen in the trailer below, the golf isn't necessarily simulation, but adds a much more arcade side element to the game.


While gamers might not be entirely sold on an element that should have been included back before Woods began his rapid descent from the professional golfer limelight and into the status of national pariah, it's still something new to look forward to. Coupled with the Kinect and Move integration, which promises to be the deepest in the series yet, this could be the Tiger Woods PGA Tour fans of the series have been waiting for.

What do you think of the Tiger Legacy Challenge? Is it too little too late or does it feel like a perfect distraction from 18-hole rounds?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 releases March 27, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: EA Sports


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