Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Kinect Update

As one of the deepest and most fully featured golfing experiences to date it’s hard to top Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. But, when trying to open the game’s appeal up to the masses, EA Sports encountered a few hiccups along the way, especially with the game’s Kinect support.

Rather than make your swing towards the screen, as is common form in nearly any other motion-controlled golf title, Tiger Woods 13 had players standing perpendicular to the TV. This caused quite a few problems for players, both seasoned and amateur, and so EA Sports is issuing an update to change the required stance.

With the update players on either the Amateur or Pro difficulty setting will be able to stand facing the screen — or not facing the screen, depending on how you look at it — hopefully alleviating many of the game’s Kinect problems. Unfortunately, on the game’s two harder difficulties, Tour Pro and Tournament, the original Kinect controls are the only available option.

EA Sports knew that fans weren’t going to be excited about the required stance for playing with Kinect, but at the time that was the only available option that could deliver the results the developer was looking for. Now, through an update to the Kinect dev kit, Tiger Woods 13 can give players what they wanted all along: a natural swing stance.

It goes without saying that even EA Sports found the Kinect functionality to be a disappointment, but personally the orientation wasn’t the major issue. In fact, facing perpendicular to the screen helped facilitate a better range of motion and helped the Kinect more accurately track my backswing and follow through.

The major shortcomings came with fine-tuning a shot through the hand motions and gestures, not in whether or not I was facing the correct direction. Perhaps with this update, which is supposed to go live on April 20th, EA Sports can also fine-tune those features.

Were you disappointed by the Kinect functionality in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13? Do you think that this update will improve the feature?

Source: Kotaku