THQ is Back As THQ Nordic, 23 Games in Development

THQ is Back As THQ Nordic, 23 Games in Development - THQ logo

Nordic Games announces plans to re-brand itself as THQ Nordic, reviving the THQ name and moving forward with development on new entries in classic THQ franchises.

In December of 2012, THQ declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, after having been a consistent part of the video game industry since 1989. THQ tried its best to stay alive, but some bad investments like the uDraw tablet, relying too heavily on licensed games, and the higher cost of game development ultimately did it in. Now, four years since its demise, the THQ brand has been resurrected as THQ Nordic.

As some may recall, Nordic Games acquired the bulk of THQ's IP following the company's closure, and in 2014, it even acquired the rights to the THQ name. Things have been quiet on the THQ front since then, but Nordic has finally decided to do something with the THQ name, combining it with its own, and re-branding itself as THQ Nordic.

However, the resurrection of THQ goes beyond just combining its name with Nordic Games. There is a new initiative at the company to take advantage of the THQ IP it purchased a few years back, with 23 game projects currently in development - 13 of which have yet to be publicly announced. According to THQ Nordic, the majority of these projects are based on THQ IP.

THQ is Back As THQ Nordic, 23 Games in Development - THQ Nordic logo

So, what could THQ Nordic have up its sleeve? One probable THQ IP that will be making a comeback under the THQ Nordic banner is Darksiders. The original Darksiders is being remastered for release later this year, and the second game in the series received the same treatment last year. Some have taken this as a sign that Darksiders 3 is being prepped for release on current-generation consoles, and that seems like an even more likely possibility now.

Another franchise that may make a return thanks to THQ Nordic is Destroy All Humans! In fact, the company's development director Reinhard Pollice hinted that a new Destroy All Humans! game could be in development just a couple of months ago, which was met with a fair amount of enthusiasm from fans.

THQ Nordic could bring back many other long-lost THQ properties as well, such as Red FactionStuntman, and Supreme Commander. Whatever franchises THQ Nordic decides to resurrect, we may see some of them as soon as next week, as THQ Nordic promises that it will show off its current and upcoming projects at this year's gamescom event. Regardless of when THQ Nordic decides to show off what games it has in the pipeline, though, fans of THQ should be excited by this development.

THQ Nordic will be at gamescom 2016, which begins on August 17 and lasts through August 21.

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