THQ Layoffs Cost Kaos & Volition Over 30 Employees

THQ Layoffs Cost Kaos And Volition Over 30 Employees

Studio closures have become all the rage in the last couple months, but that's not what THQ is going to be doing with its current restructuring. In attempt to make its studios more efficient, THQ has relieved 33 employees at its developement houses Volition and Kaos Studios.

Red Faction and Saints Row developer Volition lost 16 of its members in an effort to adjust its workforce to its current needs. This still leaves Volition with 220 employees at the studio, not a big hit relative to some of the other industry layoffs we've seen as of late. The layoffs aren't expected to affect the development of either of the franchises that Volition develops.

Volition has been hard at work developing Red Faction: Armaggedon and Saints Row: The Third. We recently got to have a hands-on with Red Faction: Armageddon at a THQ event in London and felt like the game had taken a turn for the worse with its protagonist and story-telling while the gameplay managed to consistently impress and engage us. Saints Row: The Third on the other hand, has released its first gameplay footage for fans to droll over, although in this case you're more likely to cringe.

Kaos Studios meanwhile, lost one more employees than Volition did when 17 of its workers were let go. This news comes as a bit of a shock considering Kaos Studios' Homefront has sold over a million copies, already putting it well on pace towards the magical 2 million marker it needs to hit to turn a profit. 70 workers remain at the studio with a focus on delivering more Homefront content.

Kaos was most recently under the gun when some Xbox 360 players were unable to play Homefront because of a bug that would freeze the game before the main menu had loaded up. They've since patched the problem in an effort to keep good on their pledge that Homefront will continue to recieve strong support from the developer. Apart from fixes and tweaks to the Homefront's multiplayer, Kaos is also hard at work on the game's first DLC and the dev plans on revealing what that DLC will entail in the near future. We're keeping our fingers crossed hoping to battle for San Francisco.

With THQ working at keeping their studios working optimally are you excited for the games Voltion and Kaos Studios are working on this year?


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Players can already join the fight for America with Homefront on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and OnLive.Those hoping to destroy everything in sight with Red Faction: Armageddon will get their chance on May 31, 2011 on the PC PS3 and Xbox 360.Finally gamers looking to get back to the streets will get their chance when Saints Row: The Third comes out later this year.

Source: Gamasutra

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