THQ‘s remaining intellectual properties have finally found a home after the now defunct publisher’s second auction closed. This particular auction included fan-favorite franchises like Darksiders, Homeworld, and Red Faction.

While we know that the THQ auction had a total of 17 final bids, and it generated between $6 and $7 million, there is no word on where each property ended up. Moreover, we don’t know how much of the total sum went towards purchasing each property.

We have learned from teamPixel that their plans to purchase the Homeworld IP did not work out. TeamPixel created a Kickstarter in the hopes of securing the Homeworld IP, and then developing a PC, Mac, and Linux version of the game, but unfortunately they were outbid.

So, while we don’t know where THQ’s remaining properties will end up, we do know each found homes. One of the prime concerns heading out of the major THQ bankruptcy auction was that the properties the publisher had lying on the shelves, so to speak, would fall into obscurity.Thankfully, that is not going to happen.

However, with the auction offering only 6 items — two of which were bundles — it’s hard to know when we might see these properties again, if at all. While Darksiders, Red Faction, Homeworld, and the MX franchise were all sold as separate IPs, franchises like Destroy All Humans!, Worms, Summoner, and Supreme Commander were part of two package deals. That means it’s entirely possible that a publisher or entity purchased the bundle in the hopes of securing only one IP, and doesn’t necessarily have plans to develop games using every acquired IP.

Unlike with the major THQ auction, though, the winning bidders don’t appear to be interested in revealing themselves. But for anyone that might have missed it, check out our comprehensive post explaining where each of THQ’s active properties (Saints Row, Company of Heroes, Warhammer) ended up.

Are you happy to find out that THQ’s remaining properties have found homes? Which would you like to see reappear the soonest?

Source: Polygon