In a move that is sure to confuse more than a few gamers, THQ has announced that more DLC content is on the way for their alternate reality military shooter Homefront. According to THQ, Homefront’s ‘The Rock’ DLC will add two new multiplayer maps — one set within the confines of Alcatraz (hence the name ‘The Rock’) and another that takes place along the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

But that’s not all, as Homefront will also be getting two new deathmatch arenas as well — one titled Waterway and one titled Overpass — for gamers to prolong their arguably stunted gameplay experience. Unfortunately, aside from this confirmation of the DLC we don’t know much about it, namely which consoles it is going to be offered for and when it will be released.

While some might be surprised to see that Homefront is receiving DLC support so much later after its release, and after many gamers wrote the game off as not worth their time, but as THQ has indicated, this is a franchise they are invested in. The team at Kaos Studios’ had an intriguing concept on their hands, a small band of militarized civilians fighting against an invasion by a foreign enemy, but it was in their execution that they faltered.

It was really the online space (if you didn’t purchase the game used) that helped keep the experience of Homefront going. The way in which the multiplayer kept evolving moment to moment with its implementation of battle points, was a novel concept, but one that unfortunately didn’t elevate the game enough.

Still, at 400 MS Points, ‘The Rock’ DLC is going to be a tempting offer for those gamers who had some fun with Homefront, but found the lack of overall content disheartening. Getting to stomp around some famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz sound like enticing propositions, but only for gamers who still have their copy of Homefront lying around somewhere.

Are there any gamers out there who have still been logging hours on the Homefront servers? Do you think ‘The Rock’ DLC is too little too late for the game?

Source: Eurogamer