'Thor: God of Thunder' Launch Trailer

Thor video game launch trailer

The summer movie season begins this weekend, kicking off with Marvel's Thor. With tentpole films comes the obligatory movie tie-in games and so here we also have Thor: God of Thunder, also starring actor Chris Hemsworth as the face and voice of the title character.

The game released yesterday alongside a brand new gameplay trailer, showing the God of Thunder battling against foes many times his size from Ulik and Ymir, to Surtur, from the Marvel Comics.

Hemsworth is also joined by co-star Tom Hiddleston who voices his character, Loki, in the game as well in the first ever Thor solo video game. Anthony Hopkins, while his likeness is used, sadly does not voice Odin. It's too bad since it would have made the cinematic Thor: God of Thunder trailer that much better.

The graphics in the latest trailer still look almost a generation behind this year's triple A titles in most scenes and it sadly does come off as another generic movie tie-in. Is it really too much to ask for more from games based on the biggest films in Hollywood? See for yourself with the Xbox 360/PS3 launch trailer:


SEGA let everyone down three times in a row with both Iron Man games and the Incredible Hulk tie-in. From what we've seen, will Liquid Entertainment's Thor: God of Thunder or even the upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier game do different?

We've not gotten our hands on the final build of the console or handheld versions of the Thor video game, and haven't played it since playing it in Chicago, but we plan to soon and our review will come shortly thereafter. We really hope that the gameplay trailers and our first impressions of the title are under-serving the final product gameplay because this trend cannot continue forever.

I've seen the Thor film and while the cinematic trailer seemingly kept to the story elements and style of the film, the game takes players on a separate non-Earthly journey which may make it a tougher sell since it now competes with God of War. As you can tell, this really cannot compete with God of War so it's curious why they retail at the same launch price.

What do you think of the Thor gameplay footage?

Thor: God Of Thunder is now available on the Xbox 360, PS3, Nindendo DS, 3DS and Wii.

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