'Thor: God of Thunder' Trailer Talks Inspirations and Unique Console Versions

Thor God of Thunder Behind The Scenes Trailer

In conjunction with the start of this year’s WonderCon, SEGA has released a new trailer for Thor: God of Thunder in which some of the game’s development team talk about their inspirations for the game, along with highlighting some of the key differences between the console versions of the game.

Set to be a companion title to the summer blockbuster, Thor: God of Thunder will see players taking on some of the more supernatural foes from the Thor comic books. As Thor makes his way through each of the nine worlds in the game, he will encounter some enemies that are much larger and more menacing than anything seen in the feature film’s trailers.

To create a story that would provide appeal to fans of the Thor comic book, the team at Liquid Entertainment turned to Matt Fraction, a writer on the Thor comic books. The game will bare some similarities to the film, most notably the voice of Chris Hemsworth, but the storyline will be completely unique.

Of course, being a video game, the aspect of Thor that most gamers are going to gravitate towards is its combat. While many will look to Thor as a melee brawler, the game also gives players access to some of Thor's godly powers — namely thunder, wind, and lightning.

A grapple system has also been implemented that will allow Thor to topple some of the larger enemies in the game. Playing out similar to a sequence in God of War III, Thor will get up close and personal with these bosses in order to take them down in creative ways.

Though many are going to turn to the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of Thor for their hammer-wielding action, Red Fly Studios is creating a totally new experience for Wii gamers that makes great use of its motion control, and allows players to dictate just how meaty they like their Thor experience.

For players who like to get a bit more involved, Thor for the Wii features a complex combat progression, but, for casual players, the game also allows combat to be executed by simply swinging the Wii-mote like a hammer. On top of the motion-controlled melee combat, the Wii version will also feature unique flying sequences that harkon back to the superhero’s comic book roots.


Red Fly and Liquid Entertainment have tried to create two unique gameplay experiences for Thor: God of Thunder — one on the PS3 and Xbox and one on the Wii — hoping to appeal to a broader audience of gamers. While one might offer gameplay that asks players to move like Thor, the other lets players witness the awesome power of Thor.

Which version of Thor: God of Thunder are you more interested in playing? Are you more a fan of controller-based combat for Thor or being able to swing your Wii-mote like a hammer?

Thor: God of Thunder releases May 3, 2011 for the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DS, and 3DS.


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