'Thor: God Of Thunder' Trailer Gives Insight Into Story

Thor God of Thunder Story Trailer

When most people think of summer, they are generally reminded of the hot sun, swimming and at least at younger ages, a sense of freedom. But it also brings forth the summer movie season, filled with big-budget blockbusters. This summer, one of the most talked-about movies is the upcoming adaptation of Marvel powerhouse Thor (check out the trailer) and in keeping with superhero movie law, there must be a tie-in game hot on its heels.

This is where Thor: God Of Thunder comes in. Will it be just another lackluster movie tie-in or will it surprise gamers with entertaining gameplay and an engaging plot? Those questions won't be answered until the game launches, but a brand new prologue trailer shows that the game has potential, at least where story and character models are concerned.

While our hands-on experience with Thor may not have painted the most favorable picture, there is still the possibility that the game could pull itself together before launch. The new trailer shows off a few of the extremely intriguing enemy designs, and a bit more information on the events and rivalries that will fuel the plot of both the game and the film.To get some insight into the narrative of Thor: God of Thunder, and how it will be supplementing the movie's storyline, check out the new trailer below:


While the game may be destined to become yet another generic movie tie-in, there's no denying that this trailer is absolutely gorgeous. The previous gameplay trailer for Thor offered some impressive content, but this trailer takes the cake in terms of polish, with facial renderings of the film's actors that are spot-on.

As mentioned before, the plot of the game will be different from that of the movie, seeming to focus on Loki's alliance with Ymir as he attempts to take control of Asgard. Unsurprisingly, it is Thor's responsibility to fight for the safety of the city, fending off legions of evil. Sure, it's a little generic, but it's nice to see developers attempting to diverge from the plot of the movie a game is loosely based on.

Do you think Thor has what it takes to break the movie tie-in mold? What are your thoughts on the brand new trailer?

Only time will tell when Thor: God Of Thunder storms onto shelves May 3 on Xbox 360, PS3, Nindendo DS, 3DS and Wii.

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