This Week in Mobile Gaming - December 1st, 2010

This Week in Mobile Gaming

iBasket - Shoot for the high score in this polished basketball game. Similar to the free throw games in the arcade, your goal is to get the highest score in 90 seconds. You'll earn more points for consecutive shots, and get extra time from clean shots. Battle your friends for the top spot in the Game Center leaderboards. 99 cents in the app store.

iBasket iPhone

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Astronut - A clever gravity-based platformer. Launch your astronaut through space, jumping into different planets' orbit. Avoid enemy aliens, snag power-ups and make your way to the finish. 24 levels over six sectors, and 40 achievements. Free for the first four levels, unlock the rest via in the app for $1.99.

Astronut iPhone

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EVAC - Not your average maze game. Make your way through the neon mazes while avoiding enemies. Use stealth to hide as they pass, or set traps to defeat them. The game features 24 levels and there's more than one way to beat each level. 99 cents in the app store.

EVAC iPhone

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Gun Bros - A wave based twin-stick shooter by Glu. Fight wave after wave and earn Xplodium, an in-game credit system to unlock more weapons and other gear. The graphics are polished and the game gets updated regularly with more levels and items. Lots of content and free in the app store.

Gun Bros iPhone

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Driver - Revisit the original title, where "you are the wheelman". A healthy serving of game modes such as Undercover, where you play as an undercover cop being the wheelman for criminals. Also includes free ride, training, and various driving mini-games. Currently free for a limited time!

Driver iPhone

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Are you playing any of these already? Are your addictions still strong with Rage, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope or otherwise? Getting eager to play Infinity Blade on December 9th? Let us know what you're playing and what you want to see hit the app store in the comments!

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