10 Things We Want In Grand Theft Auto 6

Even though Grand Theft Auto V came out in 2013, there's still a strong player base. People still love to play and re-play through the story and have fun online with friends. Considering there's just so much to do in the huge open-world setting of GTA Online, it's hard to get bored with this game. Still, fans are anxiously waiting to see what Rockstar does with the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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Because GTA V gave us such high standards, it's safe to say that the next game is going to have to be pretty awesome. There are a lot of things in GTA V that we hope Rockstar keeps and even some that we hope they improve on. Just about every Grand Theft Auto fan has a wishlist for this upcoming game. Will Rockstar include everything fans are looking for? Only time will tell.

To see 10 things we want to see in Grand Theft Auto VI, keep reading!

10 A Better Weather System

Weather is a pretty cool part of Grand Theft Auto V. It makes driving around Los Santos feel like you're actually in a car, cruising down a city street. When it rains, the road gets a little slick and it gets just a little harder to control your car. While this can be irritating at times, it adds a pretty fun and interesting element to the game.

For Grand Theft Auto VI, we hope that they take the weather system to the next level. Adding in even more weather events like serious wind or, depending on where they set the game, even snow or severe weather like hurricanes, would be awesome. We want Rockstar to really amp up the way that weather impacts how we drive.

9 More Stores

When playing online, there are a lot of different stores that players can visit to customize their character. Instead of spending all your cash on cars and weapons, players can go to these stores to buy clothing. Players can then equip their character with these clothes and totally change up their look.

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Around Los Santos, there are different stores. They have different price points and styles of clothing, which is totally awesome! We totally love that there are different store options and want to see even more of that in GTA VI. More stores with different types of clothing and accessories that players can visit would be a great addition.

8 Custom Playlists

One of the many things that makes driving around in GTA V really cool is the music. There are so many different radio stations that play their own unique mix of songs. Just about every player has a favorite station that they keep their cars tuned to at all times. While these radio stations are cool, there's one way that the music in GTA VI could be made even cooler.

Giving players the ability to create custom playlists out of the songs in the game or even linking a streaming service to their Rockstar account would make the music even better. Instead of simply turning on one of the preset radio stations, it would be so cool to have our own selections of music.

7 More Robbery Options

When playing online, there are a ton of things that players can do. Some of them are totally leisurely, like golfing, while others are a little bit more mischievous, like robbing a convenience store. Hey, if you need money or want to practice escaping the police, that's one way to do it! While this is a fun part of GTA V, adding more robbery optinos into GTA VI would make it even better.

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If Rockstar added in specific houses, office buildings, or even other types of stores that players could go in and rob, it would add a fun element to the game. Hitting the same few convenience stores over and over can get a little dull and this would add some fun variety to the game.

6 A Huge Map

One thing that we hope Rockstar keeps from GTA V and brings into the new game is a huge map. The map of Los Santos is totally enormous in GTA V and is a huge part of what many fans love about the game. Since 2013 when this game came out, a lot of other games with huge, open-world maps have been released. Because it's such a huge trend in the world of gaming, we can't imagine that GTA VI wouldn't have one.

We hope that when this game is released, it has a map just as big as the one that GTA V had - if not even bigger. Making the drive from Vespucci Beach up to Blaine County is definitely not a quick task, but having the huge map and world means that there's space for all kinds of activities.

5 Console Mods

GTA V is a game that can either be played on a PC or on a gaming console. Many gamers definitely have a preference as far as where they like to play their games. Both have ups and downs, but one of the plus sides to being a PC gamer is the ability to use mods to change your game. Although rumors that console mods are going to be added to GTA V have been around for a while, console players are unfortunately stuck playing the vanilla version of the game.

One feature that would be nice to see in GTA VI would be the ability to add mods in the console version. That way, even players that aren't PC gamers would be able to experience all the unique (and sometimes unusual) mods the community has to offer.

4 A Female Protagonist

GTA V has more to it than just the online game mode. While that's a ton of fun, it also has a really cool story that is fun for players to go through if they want something a little more linear and less of a sandbox-style game. The story mode of the game has three different characters that players control.

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The fact that the game has multiple different characters is definitely really cool. One thing that would make story mode in GTA VI even more awesome would be the game finally getting a female protagonist. Some rumors about the upcoming game suggest that this game may finally be the one that has a female main character. This would be totally different for the Grand Theft Auto franchise and a welcome change.

3 Build Mode

This is definitely a wishlist item that's more of a long shot. Around the world of GTA Online, there are several stunt jumps that players can take on in order to show off their driving skills. One thing that would be pretty cool for Rockstar to add to the game would be an on-demand building mode.

Being able to lay down ramps and other items just for the purpose of racing and doing stunt jumps right there in the world would be pretty cool. It would be especially fun to see your friends and other players in your session come across the ramp you built and drive over it.

2 An Improved Wanted System

The police have been an essential part of Grand Theft Auto for the entire series. Although getting a wanted level at an inconvenient time is never great, we like most things about the wanted system in GTA V. But for the next installment in the series, we hope they improve it.

The map is huge. This means that there are some pretty rural places where the cars and random NPCs are totally sparse. Then, there are urban areas where there are people walking and driving around all over the place. But, no matter where you commit a crime, police cars spawn pretty close to you immediately. For GTA VI, we hope that the wanted system improves. If we're in the middle of nowhere in Blaine County, the police should take a while longer to get to us than they would if we were in South Los Santos.

1 More Things To Do

Playing GTA Online gives the player a ton of options for things they can do. Along with doing jobs, players can just explore Los Santos and cause mischief and mayhem all over the streets. When they're not causing trouble, players can have fun in some more wholesome ways. Whether it's going to see a movie, visiting the Del Perro Pier where they can go on a roller coaster, or even going golfing, there are a lot of fun things to do.

In GTA VI, we hope that Rockstar keeps the fun and leisurely activities. Along with simply keeping them, we hope that the developers find a way to add even more fun side activities that players can take part in. It's obvious that the team is creative, so we don't think this will be an issue.

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