The Witcher: 10 Awesome Things Fans Didn’t Realize Happened Between 2 And 3

Witchers. Mutated handymen who've been genetically engineered to fight against creatures that go bump in the night. They're absurdly crafty, exceedingly strong, and characteristically attractive. And the one that hogs center stage is one Geralt of Rivia. This snowy-haired, cat-eyed playboy is the main character for all three of CDProjectRed's game adaptations. Now the games follow their own plot, for the most part, so the end of Witcher 2 left us on the edge of our seats. That said, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt starts a good amount of time after, canonically. So, what happened during that time that the more casual audience would want to know?

10 Events Change Depending On Choices From Witcher 2

First and foremost, the choices the player made throughout the Witcher 2 campaign technically also affect what happens between the sequel and it's the third iteration. Much of the recent title takes place in areas now owned by Nilfgaard, and the first mission in Wild Hunt includes Geralt meeting with their king. While waiting for said meeting, Geralt is asked a series of questions about the past, which, in a small way changes the player's version of Geralt between the games. This includes thing like "helping" Vergen, taking down/helping Letho, and more.

9 Geralt Went Back To Living On The Road

Once Sheala, a great sorceress, told Geralt about Yennefer, there was no stopping him. But, the twisted mage wasn't super specific about her location, so Geralt had a fair amount of traveling ahead of him. So, once again, this Witcher traveled across the land. The first game mostly took place in a single area and Geralt lived in Redania before the beginning of the second game, so he hadn't traveled nearly as often as he used to. That said, it's safe to say the Geralt got used to camping once again in his search for his Horsewoman of War.

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8 He Left Triss Merigold Behind

Triss Merigold. One of the strongest mages and an active member of the Lodge of Sorceresses. Oh and she's also desperately in love with Geralt. This relationship started in Witcher 1 and can be maintained even until the end of Wild Hunt. But, between two and three, Geralt recovers all of his memories, even the ones about Yennefer. He finds out that Triss had lied when she said she would tell him everything about his past life. And, to make matter worse, back during TW1 she even used magic to make him think she was the sorceress he was destined to be with instead of Yen. So between 2 and 3, he completely cuts ties with her.

7 Took Vesemir On A "Bros Only" Journey

But, while Geralt is great at hunting beats and tracking normal humans, Yennefer is an absurdly powerful sorceress. She's one of the absolute strongest mages out there, in fact. So finding her wasn't exactly easy, even when pointed in the right direction. So, in order to get all hands on deck, Geralt seemingly stops by Kaer Morhen, the now "mostly" abandoned castle where the Witchers were trained. Not only is this to get more hands-on-deck, but also because Geralt literally just remembered this place existed. Vesemir, another Witcher and a father figure to Geralt stays here each winter. So Geralt nabs him up and they leave on their female-finding operation.

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6 And Finally Searched For Yennefer

Now, during the events of Witcher 2, Geralt comes across another infatuating witch named Sheala. She's involved in most of the crucial plot of that game, including brainwashing a dragon. But, her most important piece of info is pointing Geralt towards Yennefer. Finally, the now-recovered amnesiac can find his strongwilled wife. So, once the game ends and everything is tied up in a bloody bow, Geralt begins the search. And in this search, he fights a succubus, a vampire, a turtle dragon, and some weird crab spider. So it's business as usual then.

5 Hunted A Dracoturtle

The actual fight against the aforementioned Dracoturtle is pretty radical, it's all covered in the comic titled The Witcher: Matters of Conscience. Basically, instead of going for the head, the heels or the mouth, Geralt goes for the heart. But, a gigantic shell harder than steel stands between him and the blood-pumping organ. So, the crew puts on a distraction while Geralt drops a literal bomb onto it's back, exploding its shell and revealing the soft flesh underneath. After that, it's just up to Geralt to do a sick diving thrust directly into the heart of the beast. Pretty amazing stopgap on his journey to find Yennefer we'd say.

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4 Worked For A Dragon And Some Dwarves

Speaking of a turtle dragon, while Geralt is roaming around on the hunt for the leather-clad sorceress, he goes back to the town of Vergen. Which of course, is now run by the Golden Dragon Saskia. This is the town that a great deal of Witcher 2 takes place in, and it's mostly inhabited by dwarves. Saskia and her people promptly hire him to help them to defeat said turtle dragon, and the group is on their way. Turns our Saskia is less brainwashed than she thought and accidentally went berserk in her dragon form fighting the turtle, so she's sworn to stay a human. Now it's up to a Witcher to do what he does best, hunt.

3 Helped Vergen Right Before Its End

Witchers are supposed to be neutral. They're not supposed to be involved in political affairs and they need to remain as unbiased as possible. It is what keeps them alive since being genetically-engineered "freaks" can get them on someones bad side quite quickly. But of course, thats never how things actually end up. After the Dracoturtle hunt and the subsequent funeral for those who didn't survive, Geralt leaves Vergen with Saskia. But, with the Nilfgaardian Empire slowly taking over the continent, he had to have known how things would've ended. Fans always wondered why Vergen or Saskia wasn't mentioned in The Wild Hunt, but after seeing the image above, sadly all their questions are answered.

2 And Fought A Bruxa Vampire

Then, after arriving in White Orchard, Geralt starts to really close in on Yennefer. But of course, as usual, Geralt is stopped at the final stretch to hunt some monsters. This hunt takes place only just before Witcher 3 officially starts and we only know about it because they used the hunt for one the cinematic launch trailer. And wow are we glad they did, it's one of the best portrayals of how sad, gruesome, and bloody each hunt can be. Basically, Geralt is hunting a shapeshifting vampire called a Bruxae who is hiding amongst the villagers. Seriously, check it out.

1 Oh, And Ciri Went To Cyberpunk 2077

And finally, after finding Yennefer, Geralt and her immediately start their own search for their surrogate daughter, Ciri. Ciri is a princess, a Source, and a Witcher-in-training. She's an all-around kick-butt character. But, being a Source (literally a Source of magic), she has very limited control over her own magical abilities and has done her fair share of traveling between worlds through portals. The most famous instance is once her Geralt meet up during Witcher 3. Ciri speaks of traveling to a faraway land where everyone has their own flying horse (car). Turns out that between Witcher 2 and 3, guess Ciri took a little vacation to CDProjects next masterpiece, Cyberpunk2077.

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