10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is absolutely stock full of weird, quirky details and unexpected hidden gems that appear at the most surprising moments to throw the player off their course. It's this randomness and unpredictability and all the strange details that make the game so unique and popular among us Simmers.

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Although many have played the game for years and may know everything about it, casual Simmers might be surprised by the extent of detail and depth found in the game, and all the fun things your Sim is actually capable of doing. Here are just 10 things you may have not known you can do in The Sims 4 - and should totally try next time you play!

10 Death By Embarrassment

There are a few ways to die in The Sims 4, and none of them are particularly easy to die from. If anything, The Sims 4 has made it much harder for players to kill their Sims, especially through some of the more obscure routes. One of such ways is death by embarrassment.

When your Sim has done too many embarrassing things in a short time span, such as have their privacy invaded, said something inappropriate and peed themselves, they're really putting themselves at risk for dying from being absolutely mortified.

9 Visit An Alien World

Aliens and other supernatural creatures have always been a staple of The Sims franchise, and each game has sought to bring us a bit closer to these mysterious, strange creatures. In The Sims 4, you actually get the opportunity to go and meet aliens for yourself at the alien planet of Sixam.

However, this secret option is only available to the most brilliant scientists who reach the peak of their career. You'll then receive an invitation to a fancy celebration on a rather strange but beautiful exoplanet somewhere far away from home.

8 Resurrect Sims With A Book

Death is one of the most interesting aspects of The Sims franchise because of all the peculiar details the developers have added to its mechanics. You can beg the Grim Reaper for mercy and spare a loved one's life and even cheat life itself by drinking an elixir to stop yourself from aging.

However, did you know that the sheer power of a well-written book can bring a Sim back from death? Once a Sim reaches the highest level in both writing and the Bestselling Author career path, they can capture a living Sim's Epic Saga in it. When they die, the book can then be used to resurrect them.

7 Meet A Mysterious Hermit

Deep in the woods of Granite Falls, a lone Hermit lives among his plants in a wooden house. Only the most determined campers and herbalists will find their way through a shrub from Granite Falls and stumble upon his quaint abode. Meeting the Hermit is important especially for Sims who aspire to become professionals in the art of gardening and herbs.

In order to learn the "Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy", the Hermit has to be befriended until he trusts the Sim enough to share his secrets. His house is surrounded by tons of rare insects and species, making it a dream location for any aspiring herbalist.

6 Become A Grilled Cheese Addict

Who doesn't love grilled cheese? Well, while enjoying this dish every once in a while in moderation is fine, others have a bit of an obsession with this cheesy treat. If your Sim happens to eat grilled cheese three times in a row, they will soon gain a secret aspiration which isn't otherwise available in the game.

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From there onward, your Sim will want to eat as much grilled cheese as possible and discuss it with Sims, until the final stage of the obsession where they wish to paint this delicacy to decorate their walls.

5 Travel Through A Tree

Good old Willow Creek looks normal on the surface, but if you travel to Crick Cabana and spot a large, old tree that seems out of place, you've discovered a portal to a secret location. If your Sim interacts with the tree appropriately they will be brought to beautiful Sylvan Glade.

This is a perfect location for any gardening or fishing enthusiasts looking to find rare fish, bugs and plants. If you have Spa Day installed, your Sim can also teleport here through meditation if they are skilled enough and have already been in Sylvan Glade before.

4 Turn Trash To Treasure

It might sound kind of unbelievable, but trash does have its utility even in The Sims 4. If for some reason your Sim is too lazy to pick up a pile of trash they've left outside lying on the ground, it will begin to rot and Sims around it uncomfortable.

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However, if you wait long enough and interact with it, you'll find you can actually turn this pile of garbage into a flourishing plant known as the Trash Plant. Once this plant bears fruit, they can be safely eaten by your Sim, so long as the plant is maintained just like any other in game.

3 Live As Your Sim

The Sims 4 lets you live your dream life just the way you want, which is no doubt one of the reasons why the game is so popular. For those of us wanting to get even more up close and personal with the lives of our Sims, a recent feature comes in handy despite how buggy it still is.

Earlier this year, developers introduced a function that lets players play the game from first-person perspective and switch freely among the members of the household. Pair this with any VR headset and you're set for your dream life!

2 Have Grim Reaper As Roommate

There are a few unlikely housemates you can befriend in The Sims 4, from a vampire to an alien to even a mermaid with the new Island Living expansion. However, the weirdest person available through cheats has to be without a doubt Grim Reaper himself.

In previous installations of the game, it would break the game to have a supernatural being like him in the household, but that's no longer the case in The Sims 4. Press "CTRL + Shift + C" to open a white bar at the top of your game and type "testingcheats on". Now, Shift + Click on the Grim Reaper to add him to the household.

1 Enter A Long Lost Grotto

When it comes to secret locations, The Sims 4 just keeps on giving. In Oasis Spring, in the back of Desert Bloom Park the player might notice an abandoned mine entrance.

Although at first, they'll most likely be unable to do anything to get inside, if they reach level 10 in Handiness skill, they can actually break into this old mine. After a short rabbit hole adventure, they'll be transported to the beautiful Forgotten Grotto, filled with rare crystals, bugs and fish available for catching.

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